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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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LOVE THIS SONG!!!! | Reviewer: Sami | 4/28/13

It's my favorite from Led Zeppelin. I'm 12 and this song is so awesome!!!!! only a few people in my school now who Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, David Bowie, and other rock legends are. My favorite member of Led Zeppelin is John Bonham!

awesome song | Reviewer: Natasha | 10/2/12

i am 12 and i like led friends say whos that or dont know them when i ask them about it.was i reading that review wrong or did it really say the eighties killed it?i hope i was reading itwrong because THE 80S HAD AWESOME MUSIC!!!!!!!!the 90s had a little but the eighties were better.i like more stuff from bands from the 80s than anything of my friends like aerosmith and KISS (KISS is my favorte band) but she also likes other friend likes just rap and whatevers popular.the only reason she has heard bon jovi is her other friend likes rock and metal like me but shes never heard of zeppelin.I HATE RAP AND POP!!!!!

:D Ima sing this for my first band song! | Reviewer: Sam | 2/5/11

This is the best song. EVER!!! I used to be a pop and hip hop fan, but now I'm hooked on Rock music!!! Ever since I started going out with my boyfriend, he got me into Led Zeppelin and I can't stop.
Im the female singer of our soon to be band, we already decided on this song! ITS AWESOME!!! <3

Jamaica? - No she went of her own accord! | Reviewer: stevo | 3/9/10

Intended as a joke but ending up a great song, it's a Led Zep - flavoured reggae pastiche of almost anything by Rosie and the Originals, both lyrically and in terms of the 'do wop' chord progression. The title alludes to the joke: 'My wife's gone to the Caribbean-Jamaica? -No, she went of her own accord! (Jamaica sounds like 'D'yer mak'er' (colloquial English for 'Did you make her') So don't worry about the grammar and syntax-it's only a joke!

Where did the music go to.. | Reviewer: Lei | 11/27/09

The rap SUCKS...the R+B SUCKS..all it is is about sex,drugs,girls and money...its HORRIBLE...and people are all like "SOULJA BOY WAS OUT BEFORE BLACK SABBATH"....dude, if you dident have Black Sabbath..there would be NO Soulja Boy...but im perfectly okay with that (=..Classic Rock MUST live on , and it WILL....awesome song (=

I WANT LED ZEP IN MUMBAI!! | Reviewer: i love led zep | 10/12/09

I just love this song so.. oh oh oh oh ohhh ohhh!!!So lovely..!! They are unadulterated rock, the way it should be. I love this part of the song:::
Oh baby, ba-bee bee please please please
ah ah ah ah ah baby ah ah I really love you baby


where has true musik gone? | Reviewer: Hatuanvinh | 8/9/09

Led Zeppelin - a masterpiece composing machine, let me say this because whenever i listen to their songs, they always refresh my soul for rock with the masterpieces. British rock with Zeppelin, Maiden, Judas, Pink Floyd... will never die.
Agree with me?
if you're in doubt, let me select three songs for you to change your POV about Zeppelin; the song remains the same, d'yer ma'ker, stairway to heaven. Let's enjoy them and love the geniuses like Plant, Page and Jones.
a Vietnamese boy commnents :)))

whatever happened to the good music? | Reviewer: lola | 3/11/09

one of my favorite songs... robert plant is in my top 5 best rock singers... his voice and emotional output is so good, steven tyler looks bad...
lol the world knows so little about music, that you should search top 10 singers of all times, and you'll see great singers like robert plant in the 8th position and in some in the 15th place... what happened to the good taste of music? music has lost melody and sense, now its nothing but beats and noises that carry no soul or melody...
who said snoop dog was a musician? he is a drug lord... have you heard this new rap? only beats, too much voice, where did you leave the others instruments? the pop singers, too much artificial sounds, R&B also too much artificial sounds, where was the last time you saw a pop singer with a guitar, now they just move their bodies in beats and sounds that don't conform a true song. the 80's totally ruined the music... the 90's was the last time good music was still popular... i hope snow patrol and coldplay, radiohead, oasis continue to florish... lets get back to the real music...

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/08

Every breath you take is taken from a letter ... it was some stalker guy who wrote it to a celebrity i think it was. and sting made a song out of it.... maybe the stalker lisened to Zeppelin ;)

one note | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

"Every breath I take oh oh oh oh oh Every move I make" - can't you just see Sting of The Police listening to these lyrics in 1973, when the song came out, and getting an idea for the polices' most famous song "every breath you take", which was released ten years later?

Robert Plant was paying attention - musical genious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/07

Sick song, works perfectly. The lyrics are nothing amazing but they work to make a great sounding song and you can hear he means what he is singing, good emotion, great voice, excellent band!

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

the music has a great feel to it. the words work with it too. obviously, we all understand that robert plant is the only one who truly knows what he put in to this song. personally, my speculation is that he was definately feeling this, but with the vocabulary and syntax that he used, i doubt he really put too much effort into them. just look at a song like the song remains the same and the lyrical talent just doesnt compare (or did robert plant write that one? i dont know.)then agin, if you have ever tried to write a song you would know that to come up with something even that good is not easy. i am with 5/10/07 on this one.

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/07

the music has a great feel to it. the lyrics do too. i doubt robert plant put too much effort into the lyrics though. the vocabulary and syntax are not impressive. not that i could do any better. and we all understand that only robert plant is in the possition to say. but just look at stairway to heaven or the song remains the same or when the levee breaks. these lyrics just dont compare.

women can be evil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/07

the best reggae ever ..

must be crazy boy or jus dumb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/07

who do you think you are 5/10/2007 you are in no position to say what robert plant was thinking decades ago, and ya know i just dont think he would put some words out there that he didnt feel, but just as you i am in no position to make that call, but i hear some strong emotion in his voice for sure

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