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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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Hey RDC, Get Over Yourself! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/11

First, you might want to check out the following link: Second, I've never heard anyone try to deny that Zep did cover a number of blues songs, as well as incorporating blues lyrics into many of their songs, but that doesn't negate their originality. Nor does it take away from their talent. You're taking one song (and actually there are two) out of an entire double album and using it to claim that Zep was basically a cover band. I guess the other songs that were original just don't count?

Get over it | Reviewer: RDC | 4/14/11

Youtube the song 'Drop Down Mama' by Sleepy John Estes.
Listen to the lyrics before you decide how creative and genius Led Zep was. I mean, they had a great sound as a band, but jesus.. they were just re hashing songs written before you were born.
Get over it.

Not of this world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/10

Metaphysical --yeah! No one can touch Zeppelin, and Page is the greatest guitarist EVER. I watched "It Might Get Loud" this weekend, a documentary on three guitarists, Jimmy Page, Edge from U2, and Jack White. The guys would sit around and talk, and everytime Page picked up a guitar, Edge and White's faces would go slack with awe in the presence of the Master.

plant eats at the y | Reviewer: craig | 4/24/09

Great song...never new all the lyrics. but i always knew it was about cunninglingus....alot of plants lyrics are sexual..hey its rock and roll.!!!!...Physical graffiti is zep's swan song and they were at their never grows old and is a timeless will be played in the halls of the is beyond music... it is a metaphysical cutting edge that all other rock endeavors fall down and bow their heads to the dust that has fallen from the holy feet of this album

Sorry Times call For Sorry People | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/08

Every time I hear this shit, it gives me shivers . This is what Rock n' Roll used to be - to bad all these sucker ass mother fuckers nowadays don't see it - I guess thats what society is nowadays ... a bunch of pussy ass song-and-dance faggits - oh well ... I guess . Fuck that though!

Its "Chewin'" | Reviewer: | 11/28/08

Excellent!! SONG--MY Favorite ZEP tune

the only part I never really understood was the "chewin'" part...could never figure out what he was saying there, thought it was: "cut me a peice of your custard pie"

I feel better now that I can sing the whole song in its entirety

You guys can't be serious | Reviewer: Marcy | 1/18/08

I can't believe all these guys didn't know the lyrics to this song. I figured them out when I was 15. A much older woman now, still love it.

come on guys | Reviewer: Marcy | 1/18/08

Unbelievable that all these guys didn't know the lyrics to this song. I figured it out when I was 15. A much older woman now, I still love it. HA

Im with Billy on this one | Reviewer: John A. Glasspoole | 1/12/08

I am a HUGE Zeppelin fan...and this by far is my all time fav. I never really bother to sit down and actually read the story to this song...or lack thereof! LOL. Read it...still LOVE it!!!

Aha! | Reviewer: billy | 1/8/08

So THIS is what he was saying! I've been listening to this song (my favourite song from my favourite Zep album, overall) for 32 years and I never bothered to look for the lyrics. If these are the real lyrics, I'm very surprised. But they make a lot more sense than the ones I thought I was hearing!

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