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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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3-4 interpretations??? | Reviewer: Big Dog | 12/22/13

Plant, like musicians of the day & I'm sure today, used the 'songbook' or 'lyrics sheet' mainly as a guide. Especially in concert( it is 'honey drip' )on the recording-yet check pc alive in 90's where 'heartache' needed sub for 'honey drip'70's and actual lyrics to avoid lawsuits. Check out your fav. rockers if they have lyrics printed-rarely match.True on 'steady/skinny legged woman'-NO-its "steady-lovin woman gonna come my way"-Just lookin 4 stability!

mistakes here | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/12

There are mistakes with the lyrics here:
1st: it's "I gotta roll, can't stand still", instead of "I gotta walk"
2nd: it's "didn't take too long before I found out", instead of "take too long before I found out"
3rd:"All I ask for, all I pray, steady rollin' woman gonna come my way", not "steady lonely woman"

Printed | Reviewer: Jeff | 3/20/12

What the songbook say are irrelevant. Plant wasn't consulted by the record companies or publishers and other times they refused to print what he sang anyway. Plant took 99% of what he sang from old blues standards:
Honey drip
Steady-rolling woman
Big-legged woman
Gotta get you movin'
Move the way you're movin'

skinny legs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/11

I always thought it was "skinny legged woman gonna come my way," not "steady lonely woman". Makes more sense with "skinny legged woman" when you look at the previous verse of "big legged woman." ?

Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/11

Awesome song. It is honey drip, one of the reasons preachers and parents vehemtly railed against LZ back in the day. Really explicit lyrics for the time. Heartaches don't drip, and the only thing these four guys thought about was sex soooooo....

Correct lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/09

The anonymous reviewer of 8/14/2008 is mistaken.
The 1993 songbook does say "heartache drip" but I have the original 1973 Superhype music book and original vinyls and they both say "honey drip". Still fantastic though just like all the Zep tracks.

LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/08

My favorite Led Zeppelin song - but the lyrics are wrong. It's "watch your HEARTACHE drip", not "watch your honey drip". If you listen to the song really carefully, you can actually hear it. Or you can just look in the actual Led Zeppelin song book.

ahah cool | Reviewer: Stella | 1/29/08

i've heard this song so many times and i've never heard the whole thing but this song is the coolest song ever! ahah perfectly amazing! and in the tellus commercial with the only orange fish.. friggen SWEET! it makes the some a whole lotta awesomer.

Led Zeppelin pwn | Reviewer: Harrison | 12/30/07

I dont like this song, yet im not deaf... and im definately going to keep listening to music.... know why?


brilliant | Reviewer: blacky | 12/14/07

this song is like one of the best songs ever
my mum always loved it and i adore it..
there's no generation conflict in our house=)

I found out | Reviewer: L.E. | 10/19/07

Brilliant. Happy memories.
I can remember running along with my dog, late at night, singing this song 30 years ago. A bloke standing at his front door thought I was a nutcase.
Now these words are so apt as the wife has pissed off. She actually has "Spent my money,took my car etc. etc."
You have to laugh, dont you!

black bog | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/07

I like this song real good cuz it sound like a good song and make me smile when I here it on my record player and I'm good and drunk because I had some beer cause I worked hard and built up a thirst and had to relax and listened to black dog with my dog who's black and gave her a drink and now were both happy.

Black Dog =) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/07

Actually, one of my favourite Led Zeppelin songs ever. You don't like it, then clearly, you have no taste.

Black Sexy Dog | Reviewer: LED | 4/26/07

This is one of my favorite songs of Led, my favorite is All My Love.... That's a cute song....:)

Smokin'! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/06

I love this song - it has got to be one of the sexiest rock-n-roll songs ever!

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