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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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falling off a stool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/09

When recording this song, Robert Plant fell off of the stool he was on, damaging the leg that he hurt in a car accident. He said that Jimmy picked him up and carried him to the car. Robert remarked how difficult that might have been because he is quite a bit bigger than Jimmy. The song title is a joke in reference to the incident.

Mythology in this song | Reviewer: Todd Cox | 7/14/09

This song is definently about mythology as Atlas is the titan who was cursed by Zeus to hold Ouranos (the sky) above his head at the edge of Gaia (the earth) Hence the line "the mighty arms of Atlas hold the heavens from the earth". The first section of the song could be about Achilles but it's hard to tell.

Reasons for the Title | Reviewer: Shane Matthews | 5/9/09

This song could have two meanings:
One being Plant's car accident which messed up his Achilles heel.
Two: Page was a fan of mythology, and sought out the song as a reference to Achilles, the greatest warrior in Greek mythology.

XD | Reviewer: sabsabsab | 4/26/09

this song is amazing! i love the part when he goes " i know the way, know the way, know the way, know the way" thats one of my favorite arts of any song! its amazing! this song rocks! Robert Plants voice in this song is like a different instrument!

Title Meaning | Reviewer: Javier | 3/31/09

You guys all have good opinion about the origin of the song but in fact it had less of a metaphorical meaning than you think. This song was composed in a period in during which Robert Plant was recovering from a foot injury he sustained from a car accident He particularly injured his Achilles tendon, thus the name "Achilles Last Stand" refers to him believing that he will never recover.

Amazing Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/09

This is one of the best Led Zeppelin songs. And this song most likely reminds you of Heart's "Barracuda" because John Paul Jones (Bass and Keyboard) worked with Heart on some songs. He is actually one of the most talented, yet under-praised, musicians ever.

Achilles Last Stand | Reviewer: Melissa A. Layton | 1/19/09

Yes this song is from the 1976's Presence album. This song reminds me of Yes's "Roundabout" and Heart's "Barracuda". The song runs 10 minutes and 25 seconds and this is the second of the third longest Led Zeppelin song. The other longest Led Zeppelin songs including "In My Time of Dying" from Physical Graffiti album that runs 11 minutes and 6 seconds, "Carouselambra" from In Through the Out Door album that runs 10 minutes and 34 seconds, and yes there was a live version of "Dazed and Confused" from The Song Remains the Same live album that clocked 26 minutes and 52 seconds. The live version of "Dazed and Confused" from The Song Remains the Same album is too long, but at least the classic rock radio stations does plays the studio version of "Dazed and Confused" from Led Zeppelin album that runs 6 minutes and 26 seconds.

Melissa Amber Layton.

BEST SONG EVER(Well, Maybe Stairway to Heaven tops it.) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/09

Love this song. Love it! Love it! Love it! I only heard it a few weeks ago. I bought Mothership and heard it then. LOVE IT nonetheless. anyway, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what the whole Greek Mythology thing is about, so no comment on that(Imaginary smiley face) And Yeshh. Hmmm..... R.I.P John Bonham(Why nothing about him? Surely he deserves more recognition than this?) Led Zeppelin still lives!

Get Real!!! | Reviewer: Kyle Adkerson | 10/26/08

For me, Achilles Last Stand is an intellictual stimuli. The same applies to all of Led Zeppelin's music. A musical masterpiece which generates energy and harmony; something rare and greatly appreciated in my book. An artistic way of celebrating life. "I sing about the good things and the sun that lights the day"/ THE OCEAN.

Far out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/08

I believe that this is a great song not only because of the ways it can be interpreted but because of the way Page used multiple guitar tracks and "layered them over top of eachother"
some people forget or neglect the true genius of Page, he was a saught after studio artist prior to the Yardbirds or Zeppelin
At least thats what I think

to Drew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/08

That is Odysseus that you are thinking of, who ended up not making it home from the war for the 20 years of The Odyssey. Achilles is the one who was offered a choice: to be the most famous and greatest warrior of all time, and to die young, or to live a century as a humble sheperd. Knowing that her son would chose the former, Achilles mother dipped him in the River Styx, but the ankle she held while dipping him did not receive the water's protection. So he died at Troy, shot in the ankle with a poisoned arrow.

Achilles Last Stand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/08

In my opinion, this has to be in there top 5 songs of all time. This song has a great guitar part and John Bonham is execeptional on the drums. I wuld put this in the top 100 rock songs of all time. Truely amazing!!

Achilles Real Last Stand | Reviewer: Drew | 7/22/08

Achilles' participation in the Trojan War needs to be understood from its beginning. Achilles had no desire to go to war, knowing that it would likely be to his death. Achilles feigned insanity and was plowing his fields when summoned. I believe that Agammemnon (sp.?) placed Achilles' son in the field before the plow. Instead of killing his son, Achilles moved the child from harm's way and was thus judged sane. By this judgement he sailed with the Greek fleet, effectively sealing his fate. You could therefore call effort in the field his last stand, the last moments of peace with his family. Of course, it's all mythology.

Achilles Last Stand | Reviewer: mehdi | 7/18/08

This song my most favorite song of all the time and bands. i listen to it almost everyday, and each time it can make me amazed, there is something so special in the lyrics and the highly melodical music, it has a lot of sense inside it. believe it or not but i believe this is one of the best songs ever made and will be made.

Led Zeppelin's Epic | Reviewer: Dani | 7/6/08

Actually, I was always under the impression that this song was about war. I mean it could have any number of meanings and they probably did write it describing stuff on the road with ancient myths in mind, but honestly, with the sound of the music and well as the lyrics, you could draw a lot of parallels with a battlefield. And the Mythical element just gives it a powerful, deep, and legendary feel to it. Like all war is epic and terrible and mighty.

That's just the feeling it gives me and as a true work of art, everyone should listen to it, read the lyrics, and interpret in the way that makes sense to them.

<3 Dani

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