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Performed by Led Zeppelin

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Awesome. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/08

I'm so sick of people saying that this song is nonsensical. It makes perfect sense. It's talking about myriads of different mythological things. The first verse is a reference to the classic greek poem by Homer, [i]The Iliad[/i].
The second verse talks a bout a strange tourist attraction Plant was interested in called "Devil's Hole". The third verse has references to both [i]The Illiad[/i] & [i]The Odyssey[/i] both by Homer. The fourth verse references J.R.R. Tolkien's [i]The Lord of the Rings[/i]. The fourth verse: [i]The Dance of Albion[/i], a favourite poem of Plant's. The fifth verse, of which the last line repeats itself over and over, references two things: The titan Atlas, who was supposed to hold up the sky from the Earth, and the Atlas mountains, which, in appearance, seem to do the same thing. Now that you're all thouroughly educated: I give this song *****!

achilles last stand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

robert palnt broke his leg in greece wich was kind of ironic because he and jimmy page were into greek mythology, point is he thought he should write a song about achilles because now he could relate to him. the song doesent have any meening and dureing the song it doesent realy mention achilles takeing one last heroic battle before he dies. people took alot hillousantateing druges back then who knows.

The song's meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/08

The only reference to the Trojan war is in the title, Achilles Last Stand. Plant and Page wrote this when Page injured his foot. The rest of the song is about the things they saw while on tour I think.

what is this song about? | Reviewer: joe | 5/15/08

I just finished reading "The Trojan War" (you know the story where they use the wooden trojan horse to get into troy?) and after reading it this song's lyrics are seemingly nonsensical. The way that Achilles dies is by being shot in the heal by Paris. It all happens really quickly and there is no "last"stand to speak of. meh....I don't see how the lyrics relate to Achilles AT ALL. Unless there is some other last stand this is referring to. Also the song refers to having a son in some far off land. Achilles never had a son! After reading this story i'm pretty disappoined in Zep for being non-sensical.

Achilles' Homage is Fitting | Reviewer: Steve Rose | 4/8/08

Only a group with Led Zeppelin's size and stature could ever produce a musical homily to the great God Achilles. We all know the story behind it, but once you look at the lyrics more deeply, you'll see Plant is reflecting on their past journies and what lies ahead.

During it's recording, apparently Page overdubbed 9 guitar tracks!!! For all you '' addicts, search "the nobs - achilles last stand" and the version you'll find is one of the most mind blowing you'll ever hear!

Achilles Last Stand, greatest Led Zeppelin tune!! | Reviewer: Kit Kat Bar | 3/31/08

This song is in my opinion Jimmy Page's greatest guitar work (don't kill me!) and Robert Plant's greatest vocals! I love John Paul Jones' bass in this song, it's crazy good and the drums that John Bonham delivers just takes my breath away! No words can describe how great this song is!!!

League of THEIR OWN!!! | Reviewer: JT | 3/24/08

This song is gold man. the thing is spectacular and the lyrics are amazing! i mean how the hell do u write a song that is made up of incoherent bars?!?! Ask The Led cause they are the best at it. The NUMBER ONE BAND EVER!!!!! Page=GuitarGod

Heh... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/08

If you think about it, letting just anyone write reviews on a lyrics website about Led Zepplin (Or any band for that matter) will mean you will only get good reviews, due to the fact that the only people who would be looking up lyrics would be people who liked the song and wanted to know the words...

Hey, not to hate on LZ. Excellent song, very well-done, very interesting to listen too as well.

Page | Reviewer: Joe | 2/6/08

I definitely agree that this song deserves more credit than it ever gets, it's a phenomenal song, one of Led Zeppelins greatest musical feats, up with Kashmir and No Quarter.

btw, in case you didn't know, inasmuch as it doesn't get enough public credit, Jimmy Page has been quoted saying his favorite song is Achilles Last Stand.

masterpiece from zeps | Reviewer: ali alvarado(nicaragua) | 2/9/08

when i heard led zeppelin, the first thing i said was:"ey man what the hell" who is that fucking drummer? that kind of riffs ringing in my hears, oh my god!! that kind os sound bass guitar, and last, the dramatic, melodic and strongs voice from plant! holy smoke" I REALLY LOVE SO MUCH THIS SONG, LIKE OTHER ZEPS SONGS, BUT THIS IS SPECIAL TO ME!! WITH BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, AND PINK FLOYD,THE FOUR ROOTS OF ROCK!! YEAH!!!

(Led Zeppelin Tour Coming Soon) | Reviewer: Charlotte | 1/23/08

one of my favourite songs! Loads of fun to play on guitar! Honestly, I dont have a favourite Zeppelin song! Nothing can get better than the best... LONG LIVE LED ZEPPELIN!

Incredible drums, but that bass! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

I'm listening for the n-th time to the song, as released on Mothership. Yes, I agree that Page and Plant are extraordinary (as always), and that Bonham's drums are just incredible (how he even survived that feat is beyond me!), but please take a careful ear to the bass... Jones appears so depreciated in everything that comes out about Led Zeps, but he really was the GLUE of all of it!
But needless to say, it's a masterpiece... as most of what thay've done!

Best Song Ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

I'm 13 and I was not really into music all that much. Then I found one of my dads Led Zeppelin CD's. Now I listen to all kinds of classic rock from Aerosmith to the Beatles, yet no matter what I listen to this song remains MY ALL TIME FAVORITE. Led Zeppelin is known for Stairway to Heaven. In my opinion that is a mediocre Zeppelin song at best. In my opinion they should be known for this song, but it is not very popular. It is currently unavailable on iTunes.

Music in its purest form | Reviewer: Zeppelinphile | 12/24/07

I can still remember the day I first heard Achilles Last Stand perfectly. 19 years old, living in Hawaii, on my way to Kaneohe to meet a friend riding in my friend Brian's truck on H-3. Thank god it was being blasted on a system that did it justice, $2000 worth of work at the time. I had been listening to Zeppelin since I was 13 years old and had never heard Achilles Last Stand. It was almost a religious experience. I felt something touch my soul, instantly my favorite song ever. Every time I hear it now I'm transported back to that night smokin, cruzin, and just living life to the fullest.

The Best | Reviewer: Jordan | 12/16/07

This is probably my favorite Led Zep song, my dad has been playing Led Zep to me since i was 5 and now i am 15 and still love them. If you have seen the Led Zeppelin DVD, watch Achilles last stand and you can see jimmy is dripping sweat everywhere, it just shows the dedication and love he puts into each of his songs that he plays.

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