So inlove | Reviewer: Nicole Cenci | 5/7/13

I heard this song tonight on "The Voice" and it brought me to tears. I'm so inlove with a man whose going through a really tough time in his life and a week after he said he had falling inlove with me, he broke up with me. My best friend had died and he thought that I was rejecting him when I was really just grieving for my friend. It was so hard for him to open up in the first place and now he is stuffing his feelings again and I just want him to know how important he is to me and I don't know how I could live without him in my life. He is my world, my heart, my soul. He's everything good in my life and I would do anything to have his love back. A great song for my greatest love. ♥

nice | Reviewer: baby c | 2/12/13

I miss my man more n more Wen i listen to this song. Makes ke wanna B close to him. Keep up d good work leann. U av an incredible voice. I love U Soo much n Thanks for singing a Song Luke this :*

SUCH A LIFE | Reviewer: S & G | 12/7/12

The Days i was listens How do I..

I was fall in Love,and its was amazing to see the Men was here to tell me Promis I will Come,Coz he realy Love me and everydays he's in my Heart,Love need to be Strong and never loss Hope,S&G

my song | Reviewer: faye | 6/14/09

in this song, i felt so good.. my boyfriend and i love this song..we always sing this together.. i hope that there will be more songs like this who could really touch the heart of a person.. this song made me realize how could love make the world go round....

Peaches | Reviewer: Rose A.K.A * PEACHES* | 11/14/08

ooh i luv this song so much. From the very fisrt time i listen to this song i fell in luv with it. That was in a movie where Nicholas Cadge was a prisoner,anyway i don't remember the name of the movie.
keep it up Leann Rimes.

love it | Reviewer: Tiffany | 2/26/08

i love this song when i frist heard it it made me cry because it reminded me about my boyfriend he died just a few months ago and im 14yearsold and he was 15 and ya well I LOVE THIS SONG like i do anything

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/07

Hope that this song will give me great memories in the rest of my life~ I love this song~

this song... | Reviewer: melissa | 7/11/07

This song was the song that my husband and i danced to for our first dance as husband and wife. then a year after our wedding, he got deployed at Afghanistan. everytime this song would come on the radio, i would have to pull over. now that he is home (safe and sound!) it still brings a tear to my eye to hear it. do i live without u A?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

this song is really brings back 2 u all those feelings..wonderful feelings and makes u think about the person u love the makes me think about a very special person ..i'm so lucky 2 have him..i really can't live without him he's the best thing in my life...

How Do I Live | Reviewer: Leah | 5/2/07

This is the best song for me. So much meaning. My Baby sister recently passed away. And we were soo close, but hearing this song it's like she's right beside me, doing the things we did before i lost her. I sang this song on Stars in Your eyes, and i won. I get told i sound like her when i sing. I sang this song also at my moms funeral as im a trained singer, and i had reception in tears. My mom loved me singign it, and im happy i did as it brought back all the memories that we had together.. R.I.P Miasha and Mom!

About the song | Reviewer: Amy | 4/9/07

The lyrics is fantastic.. i dedicate it to my husband and it really tells how i feel for him.. i love him truly, deeply and unconditionally..

how do i live | Reviewer: nguyen nhu quynh | 3/27/07

Lyric of the song is really beautiful and romantic , it makes me feel like immediately at the first time I listened it . That`s great !

My #1 song | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/20/07

this so help me express myself to my boyfriend when he went away for six months

Is this living.... | Reviewer: H. | 8/26/06

This song hits you right between the eyes and into your heart. Everybody who ever loved someone and lost her nows what pain is. For me it descripes what I feel when I think of the women I loved but never really was mine. She loved me too but we were not able to go on together because she chose an other life to live. When I play this song I go back to the time I tried to win her for me but lost...

I still love her...

well | Reviewer: jacky | 5/28/06

me and my boyfriend have named this 'our' song. Its amazing! we both love it!