Reaches for the soul. | Reviewer: darksongbird | 6/25/09

Music today doesn't do that too often. Radio is trash and what's fed to you on the television isn't much better.

Thank goodness for the iPod (and other mp3 players).

But this song is great. I remember as a young teen, replaying this one a few times. My mother played this CD out back then.

Great times. I love all of Lauryn's runs in this song. They are very effective here, unlike some singers.

Lauryn Hill can oversing with the best of them. But she could also rap solidly. I'm actually looking forward to hearing her release another studio album but I won't hold my breath on that one. I will just hope for one.

My favorite lines in the song are from the intro:

My world it moves so fast today
The past it seems so far away,
*And life, squeezes so tight that I can't breathe

I hope you enjoyed reading this. :)