i need a leace mind. my heart and soul have been like a storm of pain cause i loved ., so unfair to feel this wAy | Reviewer: paul v rdynolds jr | 4/2/13

Love is perfect God made that way im holding out my hands cant He see my soul is bleeding is this all i will have for love if God could let me show her let feel the beat of Her Heart one time i no i would feel it again please lord hear Me i beg you

love | Reviewer: isis | 1/26/13

This song is not about her kids father. If anything I believe she is speaking about her kids father. She is speaking to GOD about him. "You make my desire pure" only GOD Himself can make your desire pure. "Please don't be mad with me I have No identity all I was building on what was I thinking off" meaning she gave up everything worldly. And has come to know Christ! "Keeping me from your love, what was I thinking of" "now that I know the truth, now there's No excuse" love this song! GOD bless Lauren!

wow Lauren hill love | Reviewer: shelly hegge | 11/10/12

This song is so beautiful and it really touches the soul' but i believe she is talking about her babies daddy as he makes her happier than life and it rocks..Come back to us Lauren baby.

magical | Reviewer: shun | 6/19/12

This is simply the most powerful and moving song I have ever heard. This song takes me too a special place every time I listen. I cry every single time I mean boohoo cry. Of mindBecause I know more then anything else in life all I want is a peac

solguntveit585@msn.com | Reviewer: Solgun Thorsen Tveit | 8/22/11

This song is so special to me. It´s like it´s BEYOND music, it is more like...exorcism. First time I heard it I broke down completely, light shone into the deep corners in me chasing whatever was in me out...Sounds dramatic I knowX) but it´s true. God bless Lauryn Hill, she is a true warrior of the light.

"What a Merciful God!" | Reviewer: R. Morris | 4/24/08

This song is truly a blessing and a message which I identify with. I want to encourage Lauryn Hill in her ministry and hope this song would be heard worldwide as others will identify as well. God is alive and at work!

Praise God | Reviewer: Jennifer Cole | 10/18/07

This is the most beautiful song. It truly touches my soul. It matches exactly to my feelings. A beautiful message...