Reviews for Killing Me Soft Lyrics

Performed by Lauryn Hill

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x factor | Reviewer: dark beauty | 12/31/2007

this song can truly reflect ones talent lauryn was a born singer and has some natural talent just like in sister act god bless her. if i get a chance this year on xfactor ama sing this song.

wow | Reviewer: jor jor | 10/25/2007

when i hear this sonq it me think of [any] sonq i can relate to nd how the the artist and the make me feel. they brinq me back to a moment that i can relate to and somethinq that will never die.

brilliant I reviewer: elaine | Reviewer: elaine | 8/8/2007

that is an awsome song i just love it ever since i heard it as a little girl i just couldnt forget it! lauryn hill is the most greastest artist ever lived!

My Goodness | Reviewer: Breauna | 8/2/2007

When I first heard this song, I instantly fell in love with it. I was younger then, but I still managed to remember it and the words to it... Gah I love this song!

Brilliant | Reviewer: Carla | 8/19/2005

When I heard this song the radio I thought it was Lauryn straight away, she sounded great and I loved the song aswell!
Carla, 12, England, United Kindom

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