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Performed by Lauryn Hill

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HE IS RIGHT THERE FOR ME | Reviewer: olotu CLEM kenny | 8/18/08

Yes this is one of my best song i have ever heard and when i sing it i feel the present of the Almighty God, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST , yes i feel protected, i have peace of mind and above all i am connected to his arms. just b cuz He watches over me and i am much more valuable than just a sparrow 'so i want to say if you want joy, grate joy and joy that is real let JESUS come in to your heart.

MY TRUE SONG!! | Reviewer: Heavenly | 7/23/08

I call this my true song cuz when my favorite uncle died in a HORRIBLE car accident all i could do was pray and ask the lord to help me through it all. So one day i had told my mother that i really count not stand to hear hear his favorite song. She she told me whenever i get that feeling then listen to this song. So when i really understood it i begin to cry and just thank GOD that it wasn't me. But to this very day i sing this song whenever i get the change, at church,school,special events, and when called to do a solo!! So thats the reason i call this my TRUE SONG!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

INSPIRATION | Reviewer: JaWanna | 12/6/07

This is a very inspirational song for all young peole I think they should present into schools because I myself am a child of that wonderful king who worships me and I worship Him praise the lord............

it got to me | Reviewer: julia | 11/16/07

i've never been religous or nothing but when my papo died i needed comfort no one could give it to me. one day i was listening to my sisters zune and i came to that song so when i heard it i immediatly started crying and i let out all the feelings i had about my papo and i felt so much better and calm . so this is my #1 song in my ipod. GoD Bl3Ss you all!!!!!

Heck Yes!! | Reviewer: shelly proctor | 11/15/07

Man I love this song!! It makes me happy...
Awhile back at my church we had a revival..and the speaker sung this song and it reminded me of when Lauren Hill sung it..
Its such a beautiful song...
I wanna learn it so that i can sing it sometime..
God Bless!


His eyes is on the sparrow | Reviewer: Judith | 11/7/07

Truely God eyes is on the sparrow and he watches over me, when ever i listen or sing this song, i always moved in the spirit.
whenever am down
whenever am lonely
whenever am sad
whenever am lost
whenever I needed help
whenever i feel like singing
I always know that God is on the sparrow and watches over me.
God bless the singer

ey is on the sparrow | Reviewer: allison | 10/8/07

She sings AMAZING!!! I could listen to her beautiful voice everyday minute of the day. The song is also very spiritual and inspiring to me.

THIS SONG......... | Reviewer: AKUA | 9/18/07


What A Song | Reviewer: Angelica Edwards | 8/29/07

The song that was sung by Lauryn Hill it is such a beautiful song! What a song , it just touch my soul. The song helped me remember that if God can watch over a little sparrow than of course my God can watch over me, no matter what you may be going through always remember that God is watching over you.

his eye really is on the sparrow | Reviewer: amber | 7/25/07

man, this song really gets you huh? it did me. if HIS eye is really on the sparrow, then how could he not watch over me....we are all just specks or "sparrows" in Gods book of life, and isn't it a blessing to know that he watches over all of us? people in the world need to hear this.....god bless you all

in my darkess momment | Reviewer: mayra | 7/24/07

I not only love this song, i experimentted this so real in my life in my most darkess days when i was in the mental hospital do to the fact that i wantted to end my life.I remember looking out the window of my room and heard God`s voice speak to me (I want you to sing) I responded What? I`m in no condition to sing ..Then th eLord said (I`m not asking you ...I am telling you sing to me and i will set you free,you have always sang to me in good times now also sing to me in time of need.You are hold up in this hospital, but you are free in my name.I`m watching over you,) I sang the song Sparrow and in that moment my spirit was free.A week later i was discharged from the hospital.I no longer want to end my life. I want to live for my savior Jesus!!!

Gospel songs are very inspirational! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/07

I love this song!!!!I love to sing especially, gospel songs.

yes. | Reviewer: shamiya t. | 5/4/07

yes this is an inspiring song it comes from god and i truly believe that all he does for me he will continue to do for others so you should always know his eyes is on the sparrow and he watches over you>

comfort for me | Reviewer: Mary | 4/25/07

This is one of my favorite songs. My fiance died 5 years ago and this song was sang by a close friend of ours. I almost didn't make it through that time in my life, it almost became the end of my life. The song became a great comfort to me and still is to this day. I think of him still every day, but now i know that God keeps him.

about the song | Reviewer: betahny | 4/21/07

wen i saw sister act 2 i have bin ubsessing a bout that song so i hav done so much reserch u wont beleive and i luv that song so much and i love ur voice sometimes i even sing the song hoping my voce sounded something like yours LOL

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