conspiracy theory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/10

first heard this song on the movie, Conspiracy Theory when i was a kid and fell in love with it and the movie, i swear they work so well together, the story of the movie and the song, the way characters sing it to each other and everything and when it starts playing at the end, just brilliant, one of my favourite movies from both the two lead characters

This song is just Me .... | Reviewer: Jeremiah | 7/9/07

If i can have Ms Hill to sing this song live for me and bf while we are making love... then my lust will be shut off and love will be completed..wooohoooo... Amazing voice, amazing lyrics and most of all amazing feeeeel when i listened to it again and again.

aLeJa!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

This is an amazing I love it!!! esta es la mejor cancion de todas..... es del cielo a la tierra

I LOVE Mz. HILL!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jaz!!! | 4/16/07

everything she singz is a wonderful work of art!!! i love her stile and sound! and plus she is cute as HELL!!! i wish she was gay!

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/07

I listened to the Frank Sanatra version...Lauryn Hill really helped this song out! Like all of Lauryn's songs, this one is so beatiful.

BRILLIANT | Reviewer: ashy gurl | 2/28/07

I absolutley love this song and lauryn hill herself, she is such an insperation to me and im sure to many more out their in the world so thank you lauryn for being who you are YOU ROCK

THANKYOU!! | Reviewer: Lea-Lea | 2/24/07

Girl This My Song I Just Never Knew The Word Everybody Else Had The Wrong Words I Thankyou 4 Putting The Right Words On Here. THANKYOU GIRL!!!!!

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/07

This is an Awesome rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"... thanks for doing it!!!

Nice Revival | Reviewer: DaVince | 12/10/06

This is a very nice revivl of the original.
Also a very nice song to sing to your loved one if you call him/her "baby".

I love your song.Really | Reviewer: sue | 2/6/05

I want to review this song
It's really beautiful....