A beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/2007

We played this song before our infant daughter's funeral. As odd as that may sound, we thought it summed up a lot of our feelings. "This is nothing like we thought it would be." Laurie Anderson has long been a favorite, and my husband and I saw her perform many times, most notably during her Strange Angels tour. It was beautiful, funny, charming and moving. All reasons we chose two songs from Strange Angels for the time before the funeral.

mona demarkov | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/2004

This is a great song first time I heard it was during the viewing of "The Doctor" starring William Hurt. It was the music in the background during the stopt they made on the way to see an indian dance corp. The woman in the movie was dying from a brain tumor and one of the things she did to keep her spirits up was to dance and she and William Hurt danced to this incredible song in the desert. Fabulous visualization to go along with a fabulous song.