Reviews for Didn't We Almost Win It All Lyrics

------Performed by Laura Branigan | 07/22/2005 12:00:00 PM

sooooooo Laura Branigan

that voice strong and sore is the only " locomotive " to carry the feeling of this horrible moment... along with the instruments playing to echo the heart beat and the sound of tears struggling to avoid falling in that death valley under the eyes...Laura was giving it all expressing the feelings of zillions of women all aver the world at the moment love gives away its last breaths..i do love this song.. I saw someone almost rising of his car seat when he was playing it... and at this moment i realized that there are people and moments in our lives can only tear our hearts into two halves if ever we try to deny them...
i, finally want to recommend listening to the Lebanese artist Ziad Rahbani's work to all the people who love this song, and they will understand the revelence then

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