Waiting Patiently!!! | Reviewer: Whitney | 7/11/09

I still listen to Love in the first the whole CD. I love every song your CD was like therapy for me anytime Im having a bad day I can listen to it and it just takes my mind to another place. Im still waiting for the next CD and I will be first in line in KY to get it. We love you and hope to hear from you soon.

Whats up | Reviewer: Lavell aka Lv | 10/15/08

Hey whats up man.I love your music for real.
I have been lookin for your song "I dont want to hurt you", for like 4 whole years man and I travelled to New York from Tulsa, Oklahoma just to get reminded how the song went by one of my ex-lady friends. I listened to it once and fell in love. With the song. You write some good and real music man keep on keepin on. Peace.

YAY! | Reviewer: ~flydivaNita~ | 2/27/08

you are truly amazing and ya girl is so excited to review a fine brother as yourself I swear i wear out your album "I don't want to hurt you" Latif, let me know when ever you in D-town... truly sexy

you.... | Reviewer: moni | 2/1/08

you and yo music keeps me goin, as a young female that is always in and out of love.....thanx to you i can wait till the right dude comes my way.....and you kno we waitin on a new cd from you my dude.

Thank You! | Reviewer: KEKE% | 8/18/07

OMG... i havnt listened to all your songsz..buh when this guy introdunced me to i dont wanna hurt you..i listened to it over and over again..it helped thru my hard timesz...and what me and him were goin thru..and then i decided to listen to more of your music...without you...sweet misery...and basically.. just listenin to them bring tears to my eyes.. i jus wanna thank you for your music and beautiful voice...!!!

ii LOVE U | Reviewer: Hamdii | 3/27/07

LATIFF!!..OMG EVEN YA NAME IS SEXY!..LOL anywhoo u have a wonderful voice...and u r an amazing writer...i don't wanna hurt u is on of the best songs i evea heard and datz real talkz!..OHH AND U SEXY ASS HELL!,,,DAYUUUM!..LOL but i anit no groupie jus here shown u some love ya DIG!

ii love u | Reviewer: Monie | 3/1/07

0mg..ii fuckin l0ve u...ii dont mean to cuss but ii love dat song ''ii dont wana hurt you'' that iz my favorite song u jus dont n0!!!! an everybody iz annoyed cuz thatz the only song ii lissin t0..lol i eeven got it on my myspace n everythin but yeah ii lov u latif an all of your songz to0
wit yuh fine ass

hottie | Reviewer: ambreen | 2/19/07

ur arsome and i hope u tour in the uk or perform here cause ur the hottest star and i love u xxxxxxxxxx

When you coming out with another cd? Your fans are waiting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/06

Ay Latif, your cd "Love in the First" is off the chain!! Its very unique & I'm just loving your style. I love your whole cd but the songs that I mainly listen to is "Without you, Love in the First, Heavenly, I don't wanna hurt you, I don't blame you, & Rain will go away". I have your cd blasting in my radio everyday not skipping from song to song. But I'm your biggest fan & I wanna know when are you coming out with another cd? Its been at least 3 years since we heard from you.

Yo!!! yo Cd iz Poppin!! | Reviewer: Gi-Gi | 2/22/06

yo i love yo cd...my favorite on that cd is I don't Blame you and Rain will go away...those two songs really is sumthin that u can think to it...i like the fact that you are real wit yo song....Keep up the good work and hope to hear more songz from U.