maggie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

the song is awesoomee! I love it, aand I agree with Virginia
she knows!

superb | Reviewer: djordje | 5/14/07

Serbia loves you - comme un fou, loup, taime, je taime, je taime, je taime.....

absolutely marvelous | Reviewer: djordje | 5/14/07

great song, great performance , thank you lara
serbia loves you - comme un loup, comme un roi, and with all heart

About the translation... | Reviewer: Virginia | 4/3/07

Altough I think the translation makes justice to the song, I don't understand why you didn't translate:
"Comme un homme que je ne suis pas" on a more specific way if the gender (homme) is mentioned because it is very relevant to the next line
"Tu vois, je t’aime comme ça" which besides "you see, I love you like that" can also have another interpretation "you know I love you that way/like that" I grew up speaking French and the verb "voire" can be literally translated like "seeing" it is also used as "in your face/you know what I'm talking about" like you would use it in English "See, I told you I was right" meaning "hello, you knew I was right"

I adore the song and for sure the singer | Reviewer: Maya | 11/11/05

well what can i say about this song it makes me cry for a long day!!i adore every word and i sing it 2 days ago !!

first time that I heared this song... | Reviewer: Ali | 9/10/05

I am an iranian boy and live in tabriz in northwest of iran.
when for a first time that I heared this song (JE T'AIME) ,I cant say my feel, just can say I absorbed! I wish knowing french , Wish !
thank u