luvly n sad at same time | Reviewer: melisa | 9/30/13

Life is sweet wen u r inluv wif sum1 who luv u bcum terrible wen u find out dat It was all lies... Buh luvly 2 know dat sum1 still n always love u...dis song remind me of d gud n bad times of love...n that love still exist even after all...d part I love I give away my soul 2 hold u once again n never let dis promise end...

A SICK ROSE | Reviewer: VERA EGENE | 8/5/13

when i head of this song it brings past memories .what a song full of sad memories it king of sad but at the same time it a song that dictate love how love can be good and yet bad it teaches to know how good or sad love can be at any moment .

a broken | Reviewer: ruby | 5/8/13

well.. when i listen to this song it's like listening to the one thing that can make me feel useless... it's hurt when you already fell in love with someone then that person vanished from your life like nothing.. i never know that it will be this painfull when i realize that a man i love is never love me back..

It's out there still have a true love???????? | Reviewer: Wulan moon | 4/22/13

Once again I have to feel hurt me more than I knife, after my divorce I've meet a kinds man, he treat me very nice in the beggining, he said lets make ut last forever and I believe it after I fell in love with him with all my heart, I have to realize he just to good to be true for me. Sadness to knowing if he just treat me as his mystery. He always interest with a lot of pretty woman in Asia, but he not gentle enough to say finish with me. Because he knew he will never found a woman like me who's never ask anything unless his love and loyalty. If you reading it someday you will know that I know everything about you but still keep silent, maybe I am just a fool for you. I always wish you happier even not with me. Will always love you( A.T.P)

"It's reaping my soul apart.." | Reviewer: Chic2x | 3/20/13

I was 16 when I first heard this song. I heard it first during one of the episodes of Meteor Garden. The first time I've heard felt like nothing. But the song began tearing my soul apart the time I fell in love. This song emancipates all those sorrowful nights I've been through and the unfathomable pain that my first true love has caused me. Sometimes I just want to turn my phone or my iPad off everytime I hear the song. It's painful and excruciating.

heart suffered | Reviewer: rian_ | 3/10/13

i heard this song when i found a guy whom i love the most,and he was become a father of my kid. his work was far from where i was he cannot go home even though he want to. i gave birth my child without him. i want him to come for our child's birthday, but a month before it he go home to his parent because he was about to die. he just text me he cannot come coz he has a problem. a month after the baby's birth he really died. it was very painful. it was already a many years ago but every time i heard this song i remember everything about still hurts me. Chang2x...

Thanks to my helper | Reviewer: Preley | 2/8/13

I was down to the lowest point in my life. I thought my heart would never heal. I found you late one night and thought what have I got to lose? I ordered the Return My Lover Spell and within a 3 days she was back in my life thanks to you Dr. Lee of the

a song that can make you cry | Reviewer: vanie_ | 8/1/12

The first time I hear this song.. my heart suddenly feels like it's stabbed with a knife. yeah my boyfriend just left me several days ago.. without any reason. how painful it is.
"I close my eyes
I'd give away my soul
To hold you once again
And never let this promise end"
this part makes me succesfully cry like a river lols.
I love him too much.. And I really want him to back for me..

Sad story in me..:/ | Reviewer: Crisha23 | 5/23/12

The first time i heared this song,i know it really relates in me,..and never knowing my tears began to pour and feel the unbearable pain i had 3 months ago..:(..after 6 long years of relationship suddenly ended..:(..'the feeling is still the same,i still love him despite the things that he causes me pain,..wishing that he'll come back for me and realize what he had done..

my broken EGO | Reviewer: purplekei | 2/24/12

i've heard this song years ago when meteor garden was first aired in ABS CBN, when this was sung during that episode [meteor garden] i suddenly felt pain and sadness [of course with the scenario in flashed in the television]. Over the years, everytime I hear this song same emotions, same feelings, the sadness in the voice of the artist [whether girl/boy] suddenly broke my heart. And this year song became a hit again when Julie Ann San Jose sang this to new show of GMA 7...

I heard over while I'm going back to Manila from a tour in Bataan weeks ago, and I just felt tears pour and I can't help my emotions. I just remember the last heartbreak I had 2 yrs. ago.. the feeling is still the same, after a 5 long years of relationship it suddenly ended, without any closure or any confirmation why it happened.. I just felt that this is the message of my heart, the message that I want him to know, questions that are aired silently over the years and no one answers..

A sad song but meaningful.. =)

till the last rose fades... | Reviewer: have_faith | 8/14/11

This song really hit me.I've lost the love of my life several days ago.It was I who pushed her away.She fought for us but i let her down. I had hurt her so much and when the time that she had given up, that was the time that i realized that i cant live without her...But its too late, she had fallen for another guy. I never thought that it would this painful....I would do everything just to go back to those times, even for just a day....:-(

what i exactly feel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/11

every word fits what i wanna say, what i'm feeling right now. i don't even know now if i was really loved. he was my world, yet he has so many girls and he kept these lies for 2 years. it's just so painful to be in this situation, but come to think of it, "and then i realized" - this phrase, it just says we have to accept that. we just have to move on.

sixteen | Reviewer: kamyl | 4/29/11

"There's more to life than only bitterness and lies"..

i am at this point of my life where this is the song that totally express what i feel. i know that this is just a phase. i'll be able to move on. i still love him, but everytime i remember how much i love him, i also remember how unbearable the pain is. :(

what a sad song | Reviewer: Reishin | 2/15/11

the way the singer sings really touch my heart. she can interpretate the sadness of a woman being left behind and betrayed by her lover,but yet she still loves him so much and even willing to give away her own soul to meet her love once again.

Broken Vow | Reviewer: broken | 10/30/10

When I first heard this song, it didn't have anything to do with. Have loved it because of the meteor garden series. Then after years, i got my heart so broken. This song helped me a lot that i had to be strong. And now,when i hear the song, i just feel so touched because i really had the connection with the song