Another Level | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/14

Lana Del Rey's songs are like none I've ever heard before. She has a completely unique attitude and view and she brings that to her music. She uses imagery so masterfully, her lyrics provide a captivating setting and story and mood for her listeners. Her songs are completely original. In my opinion, Gaga is a fine performer, but Lana is just on another level. Her songs express something, and in this one, it expresses her real frustration.

lana's original | Reviewer: someone | 8/1/13

everyone can dye their n'wear strange clothes. Everyone can sing with a computers help. That is what Gags does. But Lana isn't just a computer. She is original. She is way better!

No | Reviewer: sippingcherrycola | 7/29/13

lana is perfect and if she doesn't like gaga like many other people she can sing about it in a strange song that isn't even released. so shut up with YOUR pseudo-intellectual shit and f*ck off.

Lana's just being real. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/13

I find it hilarious how people think Lady Gaga can "hold her own as a musician and her music" If you haven't noticed, she relies more on her image, stunts, entertainment, scandal and drama to find herself at the top of the charts. Thinking, "I'm gonna wear this dress made of meat so I can get more in touch with my music", yeah right. Lana Del Rey might not be number one on the radio but if you listen to her music you'll find it to have much more heart than whatever Gaga has to offer. Gaga needs to declare bankrupt 4 times before reaching a crowd of people who actually want to attend a show of hers without all the crap she has to add to it. Give Lana a mic and she's ready, so legit. Oh, and who ever said Gaga's lyrics have so much depth to them? haha!

Please understand | Reviewer: A fan of lana del rey | 7/28/13

Listen, lana made this song before she was famous when her manager dropped her for lady gaga and lana was upset (as anyone would be) and decided to make a song to help her deal with it cause she was upset, she hasn't realised it (as you can hear) and I don't think she will cause she made it to get over the situation. In my opinion lana del rey is more unique and a better singer. Lana del rey is a beautiful singer and even in this song which is poorly recorded (as she isn't bringing the song out.).

clap clap clap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/13

miss del rey you just won more 3 points in my consideration.
lady gaga isnt worthy of the money or the fame she has, the secret behind her "successful" carrear is that she hides her crapy meanless music behind her extravagant cloths and dull public behavior.
lana del rey is one of the most promising musicians and song-writers in the current music plane. songs of her like "gods n monsters" "carmen" and "ride" show off how original and unic is the dark beautiful world that miss del rey created.
nothing more to add.

_ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/13

IF this is a diss song then she really needs to get over herself. I'm not a fan of eithe artist but I read into this story after seeing it on twitter. Lana adds nothing special or unique to the music scene, whereas lady gaga does. She can hold her own as an artist and whilst her songs may not be totally original, her staging and production surely is. Stefani is her name, a name mentioned in this song, if I were a gaga fan I can see how this song would take the biscuit so to speak.

Such a tryhard. | Reviewer: Sigrid | 7/25/13

She sings like she's on Ambien 24/7, writes pseudo-intellectual, dull lyrics, and she's overall a very shallow and derivative artist - she doesn't add anything new or even of any depth to the Americana concept, no sense of satire, irony, subversion etc. She just likes indulging herself in mod dresses and makeup and pearls - like a little girl playing dress up in her mom's clothes, unaware of the real implications of adulthood.
Also, I'm not even a fan of Gaga, but at least she can hold her own as a singer and musician. Weak ass disses, girl. Whatever "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" is, you're not it.