Reviews for The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion Lyrics

Performed by Lamb Of God

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Hmm | Reviewer: Alabaster | 5/1/09

Like most songs on New American Gospel, these lyrics are only partially correct, due to the admitted heavy inebriation of front man Randy Blythe during the recording process. He has also admitted to not knowing, himself, what the true recorded lyrics to each song is, but these are the written lyrics on the inside of the album. It is also recommended that any reviewer who should decide to constructively criticize the official posted album lyrics should learn proper grammar and spelling before attempting to behave derisively to anyone, lest they come off as a moron.

07/15/2008 | Reviewer: sean | 7/16/08

these lyrics are wrong listen to the song listen to the lyrics, you do not have them right and neither does any other site on the internet,
this is in the song and not written in the lyrics i know nothing more then what it is to feel nothing more shatterd remnents of a picture framed in your own regret enter amazing guitar riff
next time get someone to actualy listen to the song befor you post lyrics

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