l o g | Reviewer: Nathan | 12/8/2007

This is a kick ass song, but the lyrics are personal to Randy so i don't think that it is anyones business what they are if he didn't put them in the album.

LOG Til the day i die!

Cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/2007

Great tune. I was just searching for the lyrics, but totally understand it's personal. In a way, that makes it even more cool, IMHO.

k00t | Reviewer: bobthedestructor | 10/12/2007

This song has a kick ass rhythm, its easily one of my favorites, but i cant understand a fucking word he says...yet as anonymous stated, are personal lyrics...but id still like to hear what hes saying. overall
LOG, continute to kick all ass in your path.

k00t | Reviewer: bobthekiller | 10/12/2007

this song rly owns, nice rhytmn. It's really cool...i have the version with just the instrumental, and the one that actually has lyrics, yet i do not undertand a single word he says... :S

There are lyrics to Letter to the Unborn. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/2007

However, Randy Blythe left the lyrics blank as it is a tribute to his Baby Daughter that he lost. And has stated that they are really personal to him. It's like a message to her.