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Performed by Lamb Of God

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Woah, so much controversy... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/09

I can't find the legendary 'normal kid' review, but considering the other thousand comments replying to that post I'm kinda scared to see what pissed people off so fucking bad. This guy either deserves a medal or a kick in the nuts. Anyway, I don't honestly give a shit.

Now, on to the song! I've never considered myself a Metalhead or a Lamb of God fan, but I can easily appreciate good music when I hear it, and this song hits that list. Guitars and Bass = FUCKIN'-A, Drumming knocked me into tomorrow (Kicks major ass), and the vocals will drive black gritty nails into your skull, and the only way you can react to this orgasmic experience is "Hell-to-fucking-Houston this OWNS!"

Truly epic win for Randy Blythe. Keep it loud and live people, stay frosty.

lol normal kid fail | Reviewer: LOL | 12/12/09

lol 126 reviews, all talking bout that faggy ''normal kid''. i had to go back like 10 pages just to find out what he said lol. The one thing i dont actually understand is why he was here in the first place if he hates Lamb Of God so much. Lol and ''normal kid'', id really like to see you ''piss in the snow and come up with something better''. Its pretty easy to sound cool and tough and smart on a fucking computer isnt it. And L.O.G. is not emo, its metal. If this is not 'decent music' for you, i wanna know what the fuck you DO listen to, cause im thinkin it must like fuckin Miley Cirus or some bullshit like that. If you dont like the song or the band, sure, fine, whatever, but noone cares, so just go fuck off and listen to your ''DECENT'' bullshit.

teh metalhead joker! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

CMON GUYS ITS ALL ABOUT FUCKING EMINEM !!! LOL just kidding guys, Lamb of god isnt my all time favourite, but there really fucking good, and to people who say its not emo, it can be in away any song real can be, cause every song is written with some type of emotion just putting it out there, but if u have the time to come online and talk shit about a really good metal band, then obviously u like them to take the time to look up there lyrics.

... | Reviewer: ahahahah | 10/7/09

i cant believe this.....i tried lookin for the response the "normal kid" wrote and it took me a while cuz there are so many other responses, but i agree that the kid is a complete fag. you want fuckin emo shit go listen to hawthorne hights or something cuz this isnt emo its metal. you know there is a whole genre of music titled emo and guess what...this isnt in it. maybe next time you should think about things before you try and start shit over the internet you dumb bitch

re: Normal Kid | Reviewer: myth | 10/4/09

LMFAO at the "Normal Kid". You seriously suck man. Lamb of God was the band that introduced me into metal along with Metallica. I listen to various genres of metal (Death, Melo death, Power, Progressive, Thrash) and i can tell you for sure i'm not emo, or gay or a chronic masturbator (although i must agree this one sounds funny). Not listening to Lamb of God doesn't make you normal. I got a girlfriend, i'm a straight-A student and i got loads of mates, something you don't seem to have yourself. I'm neither Americal nor English so don't gimme that fucking English-American hatred crap. If you brought this up just to tease some metalheads then i got two words of advice for you: Get a life, and don't try doing this again when you're not on your precious computer. Have a good life all metalheads. Keep rocking.

wat i dont like | Reviewer: teddy-da-booty-up-syndrome | 9/23/09

lamb of god, is an awesome band, but they repeat alotta of the same rifts. i started off listening to them last yr w. the ashes of the wake cd, and then i recently downloaded wrath. several of the songs sounds like modified versions of songs off of ashes. ex- "broken hands" & "now you've...die for". they love their D minor scale w/ occasional tritones & minor 2nds. but their new cd is beasting. they have more of a prog feel in some songs, there sweeps and shit, beastin! im like the old black guy at FAMU, who blast metal out of my car, lol. \m/ metal on!

Amazing | Reviewer: Shane | 9/23/09

Reply to Dave118

If you are serious about this, you are dead wrong. There could be no more of a wrong answer then what you just gave. The moment you bring The Beatles up in any musical conversation is the moment when you lose.

The Beatles to any band is like asking whats more intelligent. Dirt or your average human. Beatles are the dirt obviously. Infact they are dirt. The Beatles were only talented in their lyrics. And that speaks for nothing, anyone can be a poet.

Prove me wrong.

WTF? | Reviewer: kandy_kane2006 | 9/21/09

that normal kid or wtfe is a total douche I had to scroll back like 5 pages to see what everyone was complaining about lol so he writes basically if you like this song you are either 1. Mentally Retarded
2. A Flaming Homosexual
3. A 40-year old chronic masturbator living in his parent's basement

Well based on my spelling ability to use the computer obviously, Im not mentally retarded, and Im a chick so that eliminates the last two. So it comes down to this, you are an f'en douche, shut your mouth this song owns \m/

This song is good. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/09

This song isn't their absolute best, but definitely is one of their tops. I love this band, and I just have something to say to some "normal kids" out there. This is metal, not emo. Find mcr and gob if you're looking for emo, but don't look here. You just don't like it because the lyrics are so true. Life isn't perfect, things can rle suck but I find the better in it. And just because you don't listen to this doesn't make you normal, because there really is no definition of normalcy due to the fact that everyone has a different opinion about normalcy. So with that said, screw you. You are no better than everyone else here. :)

normal kid should get his ass beat by every true rocker | Reviewer: rocker by nature | 9/12/09

lamb of god is the best metal band on the scene the musicianship is masterful the lyrics are instill a sense of violent serenity and the result is a power orgy of bliss i know this because im a true rocker from zeppelin to l.o.g. i love them all and any other true rocker will tell you the same and if you disagree kick your ass classic rock style bitch

Stupid American | Reviewer: Dave118 | 9/5/09

I noticed on the first page some dumbass American said name 3 bands better then metallica, pantera and lamb of god, I would love to infact answer his digrace of a comment with maiden, ac/dc and the beatles, BOOYYEEHH mutha fucka!

LOG = Awesome | Reviewer: Kr!s | 9/4/09

omg this song is soooooo awesome!!!!!!!! and normal kid can go fuck a donkey, if he is, of course, not already doing so. you clearly have no respect for music of any kind, or for styles different to your own, such as EMO, i was emo for my junior high years, im not now as my tastes have gotten heavier (hence the lamb of god lol) and your wrong about basically everything you said (ceot the gay thing cuz i think i might be in love with my best friend thats also a dude(my life is so simple dont you think)), as metal and emo lyrics are MUCH more meaningful than your stupid fucking, 'i'm black so i can say wateva da fuk i want niggas' groups (thats not racist its the truth)since when was life about smoking so much weed you cant see and then pimpin out yo mama for enough cash to buy a couple o grams, or doin a drive by cuz some 'stupid mothafukin bitch' looks at you funny out side of kfc?? (hip hop in a nutshell right there)

Finally, an American band taking the torch | Reviewer: Chris | 8/27/09

I was a bit worried for a second that American metal had dropped off post-Pantera. After listening to Ashes of the Wake at a friend's house, I finally found a band that embodied the American sentiments of Don't Give a Fuck, Louder and Prouder, and just Fucking Insanity on a CD.

Lamb of God has easily the best guitars this side of the pond. And Chris Adler has the most insane drums I've ever heard. Sure, it's heavier than most Slipknot (snort) or System of a Down songs, but if you get past Randy's death growl, the sheer intensity and complexity of any Lamb of God song will best the most epic thing you've ever heard.

P.S. Normal kid. I'm normal too. I own several Hollister t-shirts. I have a girlfriend and a job. I had a GPA of 3.63 my my junior year of high school. I know you were just fucking with the American fatasses, and believe me, we hate your English ass more. You're a fucking Pommie bastard. Pommie. Bastard. You really need a life, kid. And name three good British bands as good as Lamb of God, Pantera, and Metallica. Go fuck yourself, Pommie.

Also Lamb of God's name is fucking badass. It's actually funny, kind of, how polar opposite they sound. My mom actually liked the name before she heard their music (see Redneck music video).

booya. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

lamb of god are big, sweaty hairy mean mother fuckers. if you can withstand a pit at a LOG gig.
then you could easily withstand being tortured in hell.

i love em. my drums are influenced by em. my band is (in a fashion) check it in fact ha! < add us and shit (y) PEACE.

normal kid suck a nut kay? | Reviewer: Lamb of God--GOD!!! | 6/13/09

DUDE this song got me into lamb of god i love it haha i think ashes of the wake is there best albumn next to as the place burns. Lamb of god is like one of my favorite bands and are definetly not emo cuz what the hell they are just fucking lyrics to a song wehich tells a STORY not REAL events. So oncwe againg normal kid suck a big fat hairy nut cuz your obviously the cronic masturbator in your momy's basement you cocksucking prick-------------------have a good day metal fans

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