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Performed by Lamb Of God

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chill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/11

dudes chill out its not about religion
yes Jesus is christian. if your not then kudos to you, believe what you wanna believe its your life. Personally Jesus freaks and optimists piss me off. Life's a bitch no matter what religion you are. I dont know anyone who gets their thoughts and beliefs from music..and anyone who does is weak minded. So all the christians who dont listen to LOG cause of their religion is missing out. Lamb of God is fuckin sick.

All I hav to say is... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/11

There's no point in hating the song by the lyrics. These lyrics are awesome and I know for a fact that Lamb of God writes lyrics that speak straight up and piss people off! That's the funniest part! Before they were Lamb of God, their band name was called Burn the Preist.. But had to change it because of the content it described. So I wouldn't really call these guys a very 'religious' band haha.

His Love. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/11

Please everyone Jesus is the only way. He is the light and the truth. He is so much better than telling you to destroy yourself he loves you so much that it drove him to a cross, He did that out of his love for you! He is perfect and since we are not we NEED Him there is no other way. Go back to His loving arms and mercy hes waiting for you. His love is so strong. Go back to the Creator of the universe! WE NEED HIM! He died for your life and now he wants your life to glorify Him. His plan is so much greater than yours and His love flows deep. Cling to Him and you wont regret it. I promise. He loves you so much.

not about jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/11

dudes song is about a murder victim stalking his killer from the grave and like all of ashes of the wake has a subplot of hanging shit on the iraq war. no jesus shit but dont look for that just enjoy a fucking awesome metal song

Stop the religion talking | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

This song has absolutely nothing even remotely about religion, let me just quote a bit.

"The bloods on the wall,
So you might as well just admit it."
Aka, the trush is there to be seen, face it.

"You're better off empty and blank,
Than left with a single pathetic trace of this.."
the "this" is not specified , it could be anything really, a relationship, a feeling, a belief etc.

"Console yourself, you're better alone,"

This part makes me think its about a relationship, to face the truth that it's worth it to be blank than to stay on it.

"I'll chain you to the truth,
For the truth shall set you free,"
Seeing the truth might be hard , he needs to be chained to it. But then, the truth shall help him.

Anyway, i only have one thing to say: AWESOME SONG

Here's the Deal | Reviewer: Jonathan | 2/17/11

I guess you can all say what you want about lyrics and religion but in the end, the lyrics for a lot of these songs have helped me with opening my eyes to some of the brutal truths I was ignorant in facing. Like at one point in life where you feel as though all the things you put trust in, are no longer in your trust and life might be upside down. Then you hear Randy scream 'Take hold of my hand for you are no longer alone!! Walk with me in Hell!!' As if you were at your all time low and by yourself and then bam...Those guys know exactly what the hell you going through and give you a little hope that someone is at least there to comfort you....but then again maybe it's all about Satan walking you through hell into agony...haha

hey chill out :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/10

who cares whether the band are religious or not. What i dont understand is why religious views are even discussed amongst metal. metal is metal. you wouldnt tell a fish to fly and a bird to swim? at the end of they day these guys have amazing talent. they dont directly tell anyone to not be religious or condem religion they just see the irony in the fact that religion seems to have a problem with them. i can quite easily say that if god excists, he's probably a metal head anyway.

everyone | Reviewer: Magnus_Quake | 11/27/10

the bands religion should have nothing to do with the quality of their music. if you like it then you like it. if the meaning behind their lyrics dont seem too appealing to you that doesnt mean you support it. a song talks about killing and you like the beat of the song or the sound of the singers voice or whatever, that doesnt mean you support the message of the song. religion shouldnt be a factor to decide whether you like something or not. and if so, fuck you, your going to hell. FYI i dont have a religion

Anonomous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/10

Lol someone above me said "The fact that people like these lyrics just reconfirms what has long been known about human psychology: the dog returns to its vomit." LMFAO dude you are talking about human psychology why the hell would you bring up a dog? Hahahaha idiot. LOG rules though.

LOG are awesome | Reviewer: Lizzey | 11/17/10

I went to see Metallica on Monday night in my home town of Adelaid and LOG were the supporting acts. I actually think that they are awesome and as for the song "Laid To Rest" I don't think it has anything to do with religion although it is possible. It doesn't really matter what it is about it is just and awesome song and LOG is an awesome band.

Really? | Reviewer: Baron Duff | 10/29/10

Some people make me laugh, LoG are an exceptionally good band, piss off with the "Jesus" shit; anyone else noticed how arsey these silly Jesus lovers get when someone offends them, have a look back at the history of your religion and take particular note of the atrocities your religion has committed - now look how offended you get at a band called "Lamb of God"... Try putting things into perspective! Just a side note; I believe in God, however I choose not to worship him - why should I with this shit hole we're living in?? Stop worshipping false idols and bow down to LoG!

about lamb of god's beliefs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/10

From day one, Lamb of God has been critical of organized religion. Their original name was Burn the Priest, actually. My hope for you, anonymous poster, is that you are not so dogmatic that you would discard a great band like Lamb of God simply for their beliefs. I'm an atheist who listens to As I Lay Dying, which happens to be a band full of born-again Christians.

Im confused | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/10

I myself am a christain, but i love lamb of God. i just recently kinda found out that they "bad". i mean, i love metal, i love all that, friggin awsome stuff, but im sorta confused. if someone could maybe give me a little biography on lamb of god, like their beliefs i guess, it would be appriciate.

inquisition symphony | Reviewer: ano nymous | 10/5/10

The fact that people like these lyrics just reconfirms what has long been known about human psychology: the dog returns to its vomit. You think you're cool, legitimate, authentic, hardcore... but you are white trash beasts who have been taught by blows to love hating itself. You are sick.

Apart from that, it's a good song.

\,,/CHICKmetalLOVER\,,/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10


"I'll chain you to the truth,
For the truth shall set you free,
I'll turn the screws of vengeance,
And bury you with honesty."

So meaningful. To all the haters - Nobody is making you listen, why do you think its your duty to tell us how much you hate LoG? We don't tell you how much all your mainstream music sucks more than a 2 dollar hooker, so please, just go "Destroy yourself, see who gives a fuck" in the words of the great Randy Blythe. love to all the wonderful LOG fans - metalLOVER

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