Simply outstanding. | Reviewer: Jordan Reid | 10/20/09

Lamb of God. My new favourite band ever, taken over from the Almighty Metallica.

Anyway, this song. It's about war/death. Or, that's the way I perceive it, at least. The part that gave this away to me, was in the last verse, with the "You finally made it home" part, which is referring a soldier making it home from way, but "Draped in the flag that you fell for" in a coffin.

Can't wait to see Lamb of God live in February with Job For a Cowboy... It's going to be brutal.

Simply awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

The best metal act in the biz today. Bar none, no one else can even come close. When I saw them with Metallica last year they blew them off the stage. It wasn't even close, and if you can see these guys in a small venue, just go, their live show is beyond spectacular, the energy these guys have is insane.

Progression | Reviewer: Fuzzypig | 3/14/09

LOG hit at just the right time. The early stuff like Ashes they sounded like Pantera and that brought them a lot of fans as Pantera had to depart ( RIP DD! ), but now they have really hit their stride and taken those influences and made their own sound, especially since Sacrament, Wrath is killer.

You have to admire an intelligent band with a guitarist who takes time out to go back to Uni to finish his masters degree! All those who think metalheads are boneheads, stick that in your pipe!

Pi**ed I missed them in the UK last month, please lads come back soon!

And so it goes... | Reviewer: Cliff | 2/21/09

Yeah the band is awesome. The sound is very unique it's not just your average metal band that just constantly palm mutes with melodies that don't make much sense. The riffs they play are retardedly original, drums are awesome and vocals are crisp. I was surprised to find out that I could understand most of what Randy was saying without looking up the lyrics either due to his skills or the mixing of it. He also has very intelligent lyrics, which is a must for me because I just can't stand having some guy drone on and on about the same shit but in a different order in EVERY song that he writes. Overall one of my new fave bands of all time. \m/

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

Lamb of God is one of the best metal bands of the decade. Cannot wait for Wrath to come out. Joey Jordison is good but I personally like Chris Adlers drumming better. All Joey really has going for him is speed IMO. The drummer from Seether ripped Joey's drum solo apart at a concert this summer. Just raped it and made it look easy

Dude | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/08

Only thing i can say to this, and I know a lot of you metalheads probably think the same way, Lamb of God succeeds fuckin Pantera!..Metal has never been played as ferociously as this since the Cowboys did it(they still reign btw) and personally that's just fucking kick ass. \m/

Lamb of God - New Generation Of American Death Metal | Reviewer: Jay LiBrande | 8/15/08

Gatta love the entire band of Lamb of God. Randy is by far the best vocalist in heavy / death metal. I mean, hell, he's got the voice that sounds more like you'd think the Devil would sound like. And he can keep a heavy or pitchy scream for a hell of a long time. AND SOUNDS BEST LIVE!


re: best drummer in the world | Reviewer: Mox | 8/14/08

I think MIKE hit it on the head and understands drumming. Buddy Rich is the king of all time, although the L.O.G. drummer kicks ass heavily. In the end, individual opinion is what matters, so ROCK ON!

Best Drummer? | Reviewer: Mike | 6/15/08

There is alot of debate on this forum whether Chris Adler is the greatest drummer ever. There is no doubt that he is an amazing drummer but I would not say he is the best. Even of metal drummers I do not think that he compares to Gene Hoglan (of Strapping Young Lad and Dethklok) or Richard Christy (of Death and Iced Earth, to name a few). And outside of metal noone compares to Neil Peart (of Rush) or Buddy Rich. Still Ashes of the Wake is still one of my favorite metal albums

Lamb of god roooock | Reviewer: ashlee | 1/25/08

lambof god is the very best pure american metal band, they r 2 awesome, mark n willie r the best shreders ive ever seen, john is the most impressive bass player in this planet, randy, the voice of the wise, and my favorite member, CHRIS ADLER, goddamn, this drummer is tooooooooooooooo wonderful, he's the very very best drummer in human's history -past, present and future. Lamb of god ROOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK

@@@@ yeah | Reviewer: spleefarama | 1/6/08

L.O.G. is by far the heaviest band on the planet. Blythe's vocals cut like a hot knife through snow. Ashes of the wake is their best effort except for sacrement maybe. Hourglass has got me through a couple of tough times and if you want to work out some aggresion throw on the headphones crank it up and let your ears bleed until that motherfucker that pissed you off is begging you to take your foot off his throat

LOG | Reviewer: Cristia Entel | 11/6/07

Ashes of the Wake is my favorite album by Lamb of God. Hourglass, Omerta,& Laid to Rest are very memorable tracks that best showcase their skills as a band and each individual skill. You also got to love the dirty looks Hourglass gets when it is blasted at a stop light in a little bumfuck town like mine.

'Shout Louder. Kill Quieter.'

good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/07

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log | Reviewer: Tyler | 10/27/07

Lamb of god is without a doubt my favorite band.. but joey jordinson from slipknot probably has their drummer beat..i dont really even care for slipknot, but he is just that damn good.

Explosive box | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/07

Just like Mark Morton said, "We want to sound like a box of explosives and knives rolling down a hill"