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Performed by Lamb Of God

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awesome song | Reviewer: madstylex | 3/12/08

This is awesome. Everything bout it is awesome. I don't really think its about religion but more about alcoholism or other addictions. If u know anything about Lamb of God you will know that Randy is a fucking alcoholic, lol. The god he worships and the demon he blames could well be a bottle of booze.

great song | Reviewer: justin | 9/22/07

yea i agree with anonymous, especially with the chorus "this God I worship" (the good morals in my life) "this demon I blame" (addictions, society evisl, etc..) "conspire as one" because our society goes through this everyday struggle with alcohol. its exactly the same...

descending | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/07

the song isn't entirely onto religion, if you look into it, it seems that they mention alcoholism, "the pieces to all that we've lost" and "when im blinded i think i see everything".

interesting lyrics | Reviewer: Shade | 8/22/07

I love everything about this song. be it the melody or lyrics. i like the fact that they are using these lyrics to explain how religion causes so much suffering for people with different religion. i am an atheist and thats probly why i like songs that blame religion for pain and suffering in the world.

awsome song... | Reviewer: Angel of Disgrace | 7/6/07

it's an awesome song... the melody is amazing.. the riffs are insane... and the lyrics represent a lot that i believe in...

awesome song | Reviewer: raj marwa | 4/30/07

the bit where he goes "this god that i worship, this demon i blame" is so fucking awesome, love the lyrics.

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