come on wake up! | Reviewer: justin | 3/28/13

this is the sum of religion, god is the heart in all situations, so he can never be truly understood or there would be no meaning of life, two there's spiritual principles and it starts on truth like light it shows people the way and for each man his own truth and way n life but its all founded on truth n other spiritual rules but there's a trick to it all called lies, like darkness you will be lost and confused without your own truth, sad to say my fellow brothers but when u believe lies you give another power over you because ur living a LIEEE!!....But remember Satan, evil people know about these Godly/ spiritual principles and manipulate and trick people to have power over you have your soul, that nice looking man in a business suit could be the devil that's plotting death and destruction, that beautiful woman could be waiting for you to fall in love so she can take you for everything your worth... God bless, be careful and use you heart it's your best weapon, its where life began it's beat where u feel God, Truth,Love n ultimately where you have your beliefs n how u make others believe!Oh yeah I love u and fighting with u so never forget ur not alone!Amen

great song | Reviewer: tim haloj | 2/22/13

Personally I am an Atheist that grew up in church. I actually fix a lot of studying on my own and changed my way of looking at the world. The only reason that Christianity is as widespread as it is, id because the strongest and most powerful empire in the world at the time, Rome, adopted it to keep their shit together. Look it up. These are fact and dates that can actually be seen and prooved. In reference go this song, SHUT THE FUCK UPAND LISTEN TO IT. APPRECIATE GOOD MUSIC. And for our Christian friends listen up a Swedish metal band called Ghost. You should find them interesting.

CORRECTION... | Reviewer: KD | 12/19/12

EVERYONE - Randy Blythe did NOT write the lyrics to this song. Mark did. In fact Mark and Randy share writing duties about 50/50.

Just for you guys saying you have 'proof' from the 'source'.

FYI - I'm a huge LoG fan.

my .02 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/11

k. dont know why everyone here is bashing on religion. and aside from that lol. i heard that Randy Blythe wrote this song when he was diagnosed with cancer. so when i read these lyrics, i interpret that it is about the cancer. and to further that, where religion takes place in this, i see it as he is mad at God for the circumstances he faces(cancer). maybe i'm wrong. but it makes sense to me. and that's all that matters really. because in all art/music, the artist can try to convey a meaning within the piece, but the audience can also interpret their own meaning as there are no set guidelines or rules or things that are per say "black and white". one piece. multiple messages conveyed, multiple interpretations. multiple meanings. and that's the beauty in it.

DreadFrite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

I believe that this song is not all about negativity we deal with. We despair to find a place above the frustration and darkness which enshroud our lives like deep and impervious mist. Beyond our failure we can't see the light which may ignite us within with renewed zeal. Sometimes we are too depressed to see anything positive which leads to our hellbound misery.
Heaven and Hell are all symbolic in this context. They are entwined to shape all our lives. It's just the dark side of the moon which bothers us.

interpretation | Reviewer: e | 5/26/11

I will kill this part of myself that I hate and that I see in you.
It was always mine, anyway.
There's something you can't take away.
I choose not to but to hate.

...this. Here. This is what this song is all about. Choice. I choose not to but to hate. It leads to God not saving this person. Which pretty much happens if you choose not to let God save. As far as I read.

To any Christians slamming this music and it's fans: read the lyrics properly, and remember Jesus' sweet love extends to ALL, not just his mates.

To any anti-religious out there slamming Christians: I know you feel pushed around by others of our ilk. Please try to remember they are (well, should be) coming from a place of love, and if they are not, remind them of their own beliefs. We believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour, we believe he took a bullet for us in all our sins, so we believe in the love he represents.

If a Christian doesn't show you love, don't slam them. Remind them of their own beliefs.

All: End the aggression. We don't learn unless we respect one another. And what are we here for, if not to learn.

? | Reviewer: kasey | 5/12/11

For whoever just posted last.. you're an idiot. Do I have scientific evidence that you have a brain? The point of belief and faith is to have a conviction that you are 100% willing to put your trust in. Not defending some beliefs or faiths, but go and think things through before you start saying something that you likely have no idea what you are talking about. Lamb of God rules, but quite a few of their fans are completely ignorant, as are some in all factions.

belief and faith?????? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/11

what assholes you can find out in the world. You really want to believe in something that happened more than two thousand years ago? All you needed is the power of persuasion or reverse psychology to convince people that that they are the 'son of god' in those days. IN DESPERATE TIMES, DESPERATE MEASURES ARE TAKEN. Jesus could have been retarded idiot for all i know. We have no proof of who he is. We don't even have proof if god even exist. Just because you 'believe' something or someone is there doesn't mean it is.
If there is scientific evidence, you can at least say you are right but so far you're not even close to being right. You're taking chances. ARE YOU SURE OF YOU'RE GOD? OR DO YOU THINK THAT YOU'RE FOLLOWING THE RIGHT ONE??

Hmm.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/11

i think...its all a mimic..i think the human mind, and well think...this is logical
Human mind is systematic, our bodies are like machines. different organs operate different functions... theres organs in our body that scientists say have no function, or they dont know what function, its jsut there, maybe its carried on from the past life...
anyways, lets get to the point, Human minds....or bascially any minds are systematic, thought processed based on ideas and "facts"
ideas..maybe life started as an idea itself..maybe the god they talk about in the bible is the first idea, manifested in itself as knowing that all the energy around it can be manifested into what is today, through ideas...(think about this, you have an idea of making a level or map in a video game. now u can make the level become a place of your own design or idea, but the catch is your limited by boundaries of the level, and limited by the number of structures that can be placed in the one level or map.)what if im correct on this, and what is made today is based on ideas, learning from ideas, but the limitations are whatever was here after god created. only...the thing is...Everything in life is a mimic after mimic of a first idea..(say you find out what an emotion is, by watching other ppl use it, or having them explain what it feels like to them. their idea of it. only you start with that idea, from then on you create your own definition of the emotion, along the way you figure out what to do, and create with that emotion.)in general, you mimic what you think is right..and create from it. you mimic what is correct sometimes and create more of it in your own image. your own design. sometimes you come up with ideas on your own, sometimes you manipulate or mimic the ideas, but you create with the tools already there.

People these days.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

Notice how the ones who aren't Christian are actually making sense. I have plenty of Christian friends.. the ones that piss me off are the ones who tell me I'll burn in hell for not believing. A Christian murderer asking for forgiveness should be shown none but a nonbelieving hero should.

Everyone... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/11

To Matt Monson and all the people out there who are actually knowledgeable on the topic of LOG and know what this song is really about - props and all of you are correct. To all the overly outward religious people, chill out. Why bother posting all of your beliefs on a lyrics site.... is it really that big of a deal? There are a whole hell of a lot worse songs out there.... this one really not being bad, just misinterpreted by the general and regretfully uneducated public to be bashing religion. There is proof from the very source of these lyrics, vocalist Randy Blythe, that this song was written addressing the topics of depression and possibly suicide. These songs are written to express the feelings of the writer and to relate and even help the listeners. Stop talking about religion and trying to convert people on a lyrics site... Also to the guy who talked about the Trinity, not all religions believe that, some believe that god, jesus, and the holy ghost are seperate.

Overall, don't even bother bringing up deep or philosophical topics if you don't know much about them, and also learn how to spell

really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/11

God, Messiah, Jesus, Redeemer, Friend, Savior. He is the only way. one day you will realize it..hope its not too late. sorry you never felt the true love of christians, it shouldnt be like that. i hope this isnt what anyone sees, cause its not true, and im not trying to act all high and mighty about things..but dont give up..and you cant judge people..unless you are their friend or family..the bible says so..maybe you should try something before you discard never could change you life F O R E V E R.

Fucking hypocrites | Reviewer: Jereme | 1/5/11

Fucking Christians. lol. They preach that they're all about love, but in all my experiances with Christianity, or organized religion in genral, is that they are not based around the emotion of love, rather, FEAR and HATE. I have never once felt the love from a christian. Take this forum for example, who was that prick saying that this is the devils music? basically saying that everyone that listens to LOG is going to hell. Are you fucking serious? If we are such freaks, then stay the fuck away from us, stay the fuck out of my life. Dont you think organized religion has enough control over the world? and now youre telling me not to listen to music that i can relate to? We all listen to this music, because we feel the same as the bands do. Forgotten, lost, denyed, alone, and angry. And we feel that way because of pricks like you who look down on us because we dont belive what you do. Fuck you, You'll see when you die, maybe you weren't so perfect after all. you fucking idiot.

the truth hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/10

i dont care what religion anybody is, its their choice. lamb of god does not smash on christianity they smash on all religion and curupt society, and to be honest they have room to. look at the crusades. they would "purify" the lands by slaughtering all who did not believe in the same cause, and to them its justified, because it was "in the name of god".. i grew up christain.. i dont know what to believe though after opening my eyes to the rest of the world. The hypocracy is just hard to look past. i just believe religion was introduced to give life a purpose. i dont hate on any religion though, in fact i feel out of place not believing in something. im just to much of a skeptic to find something that truly makes sense

Gimme a break | Reviewer: Matt Monson | 10/23/10

Its not impossible to believe in a higher power and kick back and rock the fuck out to some Lamb of God. It's some good ass music with badass lyrics. no one wants to hear people talk shit on religion or atheism. Just listen to the music and enjoy, stop hating, you guys sound ignorant.