Reason | Reviewer: James | 9/28/10

Totally agree, Religion has done more pain than good. We'll just be better without it, but for now i just don't care. We have to put up with religion's shit why can't you ? and you (religion is general) call yourself tolerant ?
What if all your beliefs are fake ?
People were really really naive long time ago

Prayl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/10

Satan's music??? HAHAHAHAHAHA! jesus fucking christ! someone who says this is completely retarded!.. just because the band doesn't like religion doesn't make it satanic, they sing about fuckt up hypocrites of religions, not just Christianity.. they despise those who call themselves holy, while they are just the same as any normal person or worse.. there is a lot of religious people who kill and rape and then they still believe they going to their "heaven" because they are forgiven... don't hate the band because of the truth!

p.s Lamb Of God is Fucking AWESOME!!!

Comment directed to "Christians" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/10

Do not give Christianity a bad name!
I direct this towards professed Christians commenting with so much cursing in their reviews. It is not the way language should be used, especially as Christians. Christians show what they believe in their speech. Let's face it. People will judge on the sole basis of one's language, whether it is negative or positive. We do not want to give off such a bad vibe when we talk.

Try not to use such bad language. Let's not be put into the category of Christian hypocrites this song is supposedly referring to. Let's show our changed lives through our speech. Ya' herd meh?

Pathetic | Reviewer: shyam | 5/13/10

one of the best tracks by LOG! Love their music. It doesn't matter what the lyrics read. All that matters is what kinda sense it makes to ones self and how u relate to the music.. It really doesn't matter if they are atheist or theist.. if its grindcore, metalcore or hardcore.. I hate fucks who goes by the genre.. How does it matter as long as u enjoy it? As long as it makes u feel good? As long as it keeps u company when u have no one else around?? And as long as its METAL?!


Geek Out! | Reviewer: Castrophony | 5/12/10

Half a bottle of Jaeger is stopping me from trawling through all of the opinions on here about the meaning of the lyrics of this song, so apologies if this has been said:

When Randy Blythe was penning the lyrics for this song amidst the production of Sacrament he was in "a dark place", the references in the song being to drink and drugs and other personal feelings. It follows therefore about it being a public display (being in one of the biggest metal bands in the world!), however he chooses to expound his feelings and write as though speaking to/about someone in a similar position.

It would be pertinent at this juncture to note that he was not suicidal and any references are presumed.

The recording of the lyrics (and their source) can be seen in "The Making of Sacrament" segment on disc 2 of the 2005 "Walk With Me in Hell" DVD.

And I think you'll find it is spelt 'dyslexic', my good man.
*removes troll hat*

Possibly Dyslectic, But Probably Not...... Sadly | Reviewer: Tom | 4/23/10

Sweet zombie jesus, some of the people writing these reviews have shockingly bad grammar/spelling/punctuation/anything to do with the english language. I wouldn't be suprised if they speak like mentally retarded infants either. I mean, i'm not Charles Dickens, but fucking hell. I know a few people who've dropped out of high school, but having dropped out of primary school is a bit much. Don't you think?

L.O.G are fucking awesome. Without a doubt the greatest metal band of the last decade, and possibly the next should every other band on earth continue to choke down so much elephant dick.

MEANING MAYBE??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/10

I think the songs meaning is probably related to self torment, depression, and suicide, parts of the song make me think that its about someone whos committed sinful acts and is praying to make himself feel better ( sanctity just a breath away) but is obviously tormented and plans to commit suicide after he feels betrayed by god himself hence (blacken the cursed sun, because now you know there is no tommorrow) but thats just my opinion and if you dont agree thats fine just dont act like an ignorant immature shit fuck and criticize me

Moron | Reviewer: Devin | 3/9/10

Nope, both of you are wrong, this is a suicide reference to people that think of committing suicide, stating that they think they're the only ones to sunk so deep that they would want to kill themselves, you guys should learn a little more english :)

NATHANIELS A FUCKING RETARD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/10

nathaniel, your a fucking moron, the songs stating how re;ligion as a whole has gotten so far away from the point and how its so pointless and that the wrodls gunn aburn for it, which it will cuz all the major churches are preeching and fuckign shit up, not a bout praising satan, go burn in a whole you shit head, satan dont exist.

Agree with First Comment | Reviewer: Nathaniel | 2/13/10

This is a satanic band.Anyone who say's that they arnt is obviously stupid.The lyric's say it all.Of cource they wont admit it because they might loose some fan's.But for anybody who dident know.This is satan's music. HAIL SATAN!

Learn the Meanings!!!@#!@ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/10

This song is obviously about giving up on religion, not suicide or depression. The name "blacken the cursed sun" the title is a metaphor the word sun symbolizes something extraordinary like a god and to blacken the sun is to put it out, hence, giving up belief in god. Just look at this line "I will kill this part of myself that I hate and that I see in you." Notice how it says 'part of myself'. The chant at the end should also do the trick in making any argument against this analysis frivolous.

Atheism > Theism

What the song is really about. | Reviewer: Cody | 12/5/09

"Blacken the cursed sun.
You're not the only one,
To have sunk so far and low.
There is no tomorrow."

This song is about suicide. The band said it themselves in an interview. Read the lyrics and see how they relate to depression and suicide.

Great song, great band.

Depression? | Reviewer: Pyroninja42 | 9/23/09

To be honest, I don't think it's exactly about depression. It seems to be about doing something that is so bad, there's no turning back. Or something.
Then again, it might be about depression. I wouldn't know, seeing as I've never been depressed.

It's obvious... | Reviewer: Alacres | 8/19/09

First of all, it's obvious to anyone with some gradeschool-level comprehension that Lamb of God is anything but a christian band. Anyone saying otherwise has either never paid attention to the lyrics, or is just too much of a moron to understand even the most simple of meanings. Let me reiterate - they're not a christan band!!!

Secondly, it's pretty obvious that this song is about depression. But I guess if you've never experienced it first handedly, it might be difficult to understand.

Stupid Fuckin dumbasses | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/09

If I see one more post about someone saying lamb of god is a christian metal band calling the coming of your 'christ' i'll puke. They used to be called Burn the Priest for gods sake.

They're lyrics although sometimes personal Deal with mainly two things. Politics and Hypocricy in the church.

Lamb of God has been excommunicated and are no longer considered in the eyes of the hypocritical and mind controlling vatican as people worth saving