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Performed by Lamb Of God

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eh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/08

so im confused, i thought a metalhead was someone who loves metal, not someone who likes this band and hates that band and makes a list of who's good and bad and yells at other people for liking a band they hate. i mean its all music, just enjoy it, and let other people enjoy their music, and if you cant handle it consult the band, otherwise if you have something to say just jack off instead

lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/08

BTW guys...the lyrics are technically wrong, i cant point out whats wrong with it, but LOG stated that they were freaing wasted when they wrote this song and completely forgot to do the lyrics. so hear hear for giving a shot at the lyrics. most bands just try to copy the tone and try to mimic the timing. so keep it up, and rock on.

Awsome | Reviewer: Ciz | 5/29/08

This song really rock Its so damn good to hear real pure Metal Not like those E!@ Guys i Cant Understand them. Too solemn too sad and too Gayish in my opinion LOG rules Hope they Could play in Here in the philippines In PULP SUMMERSLAM It would definitely be a HIT

haha joke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/08

you guys are all such retards arguing over the internet haha i mean come on who's the real poser out there not the guys that say there metalheads that listen to evrything yet you the guy who started this god damn thing haha your a joke and this "walk" thing its not just something "real" metalheads would understand thats something most ppl do understand...faggot

Lamb of god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

in any ther siguastion i would dissagree with you
but in the section of most peaple posing for metal am with you btw. emm a song dosent show if you are a metalhead. in england i sow one EMO singing walk pantera and cementary gates :o . i was what the fuck ... but anw :) soo just know not only true metalheads, in this case you mean the meaning of the song. and again am with you RESPECT . WALK !!!

whos the real metal head | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

Hey cheif your fucking awesome man, like how you managed to insult a large populise in ur self intitled oppinion, and make your self look like an idiot all at once with telling people that only true metal heads would understand what lamb of god is. and seriously if your going to use a pantera song title to hide a message for only metalheads, make sure its not one THAT GOT THAT GOD DAMN FAMOUS. Pantera got so famous that using one of their songs is almost on par with how mainstream Metallica is/was(when they were good). Like fuck me, your one of the people giving metal the wrong image. Metal as a genre is one of my favorites to listen to and LOG, PANfuckingTERRA, and COB are in my oppinion top notch. but as a wise guitarist once said "lamb of god is the most talented crap band out there" as for their sound its lovely, but from the views of musicians its basic and crude. O and one more question if you WERE?!?!?!?! a true metal head why would you need to look up the lyrics? wouldn't u just open the albem cover and read them out of the booklet?, O ya you don't really care to support the band by buying their merchandise, you perfer the ease of downloading their shit after you problly got introduced to them by a friend, or accatinice that actually might just be a metal head. So why don't u do lamb of god a favor and just take a "walk".

are you serious green lantern? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/08

to green lantern...
really? calling people out for being posers? how old are you? 12? so some people like lamb of god who like other types of music...big deal. and you calling yourself a "trendkiller". please. nice pantera refrences, but please. save your breath, quit giving metal heads a bad name, and quit trying to be a badass over the internet and grow a pair. thanks.
oh and by the by, black label is probably one of the most fucking brutal songs out there.

Lamb Of God | Reviewer: Green Lantern | 3/24/08

Lamb Of God is an extraordinary band yet it's the poser band to like. Im a trendkiller so fuck all you dipshits who are into them because its popular, which is a large number of you. Most of you dont even know your pseudo and all about fitting in because your such fucking idiots and are oblivious to it. You know who you are. All you fuckers need to WALK and all the true metalheads know what I mean by that.

awsome | Reviewer: brandy man | 2/17/08

cool i think every 1 sucks cock for waisten your lifes posting shit some fuck nut anti social nerd will read ow fuck dat means me ass well but iv got an excuse im mariede and bored and love AQUA they rock im a barbie girl AWSOME FUCKEN AWSOME

fuckin awesome | Reviewer: vardhan | 12/12/07

blacklabel is one best songs of LOG... the words are difficult to understand but its fuckin awesome...LOG rulz they go into the depth n core of metal.... they should be worshipped!!!

Hey people | Reviewer: Matt s | 12/5/07

can someone help me with this,
My band is doing a cover of this song, and im the vocalist,
and i can't understand which parts his saying where.
Where so keen to do it but i just can't figure it out, so your help would be appreciated,

to whatever the little yellow shit's name is who didn't leave one | Reviewer: South Texas Headbanger | 11/28/07

"Hey South Headbanger or whatever the fuck your name is, you go suck a motherfucking cock you little pansy ass bitch."

My my my, you talk shit over the internet about online posts that you apparently don't even have the verbal proficiency to read. Well, all I can say is YOU SURE ARE BADASS NOW!
This is usually the part where I talk about how I'd beat the shit out of little punks like him when I see them in my mosh pit, but hey let's face doesn't happen becuase kids like him are such pussies that you'll never see them in one. He's prolly to busy havin some dumb jock use him as human toliet paper after school to ever work up the balls to talk shit somewhere other than the internet.
Look junior just go put your high heels back on and think about the last time you had to suck the star qaurterback's dick so he'd let you skip your happy little ass on to school without taking a beating and ponder over the linguistic flagellation you have just been issued.

P.S. This is just a prediction, but I'm guessing now he's gonna mention some toliet town where his trailer park is that he currently resides in, and say that he has the balls to meet anyone who talks shit to him over this gol-damn forum :)) LOL

Lamb of God is absolutely no screamo | Reviewer: Nils | 10/18/07

Look, everyone's right, Lamb of God is absolutely nof fucking screamo, it's metal on the verge of metalcore, I've seen them 3 times live, the last time on Graspop Metal Meeting 2007
And they we're awesome like the past 2 times
especially the walls of death and the moshpits/circle pits who follow. It's a fucking great band and let nobody ever tell you otherwise! And if everybody would just stop criticising all metal bands and just enjoy their music then we wouldn't be wining again'st each other and probably by now we would be drinking some beers on some metal fest together discussing the kickass moshpit we just had been through, probably when we we're watching/listening to lamb of god :p

How? | Reviewer: Samfoster | 10/17/07

I cant see how the vocals translate to these lyrics, making it very hard to cover vocaly. I can make out some of the words but then always get lost, in other LOG songs its usualy straight forward to follow the vocals. Though this has to be one of the meanest songs goin and when the break down comes up with the chuggin guitar riff, my viens feel hot, I've never watched LOG live but im sure this song would make a dangerous pit lol

None of you have a right to talk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/07

Randy has lost his origanal scream after the release of new american gospel, and those who say he dosnt do it anymore and he ruins the songs earlyer need to shut the fuck up and listen to there burn the priest songs.
I hate the vocal effects he has added lately and sacrament was a disapointment.
all you people who say otherwise havnt been with the band long enough to know shit, that go's for you bloggers as well
they are metal
they kick ass
just to get the labeling done too.

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