Bad Ass Fuckers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/2004

I dont really give a shit who all reads this, but I do hope One of the dudes from Lamb Of God stumble across it because I just want them to know that it's about fuckin time a metal band came out with some REAL guitar players. Man I learned just about all of both cd's{i know theres more but Im a fairly new fan, about a year} and that's the baddest shit that has came out in a long time. I dont play in drop D, and I pretty sure Lamb Of God does, so that makes it a little harder {lot harder sometimes} but I love the technicality of it. That shit will give your fingers a work out!
I'm so tired of all these 3 chord,whiny-assed, gay rock bands. Metalheads like me needed some brutal shit to listen to. I've played with my band for about 5-6 years {I'm 22 now} and that was about all I had to jam to that was heavy enough without being fucking stupid. Anyway, Lamb of God dudes, keep kickin ass man and maybe one day I,ll be there too.

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