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Love Lagwagon | Reviewer: nic | 1/21/2008

Lagwagon could possibly be the best band i have ever heard, they have been a part of my life for 15yrs and i still love them. Joey Cape would also be the sexiest man alive as far as im concerned. Many good nights have been had listening to them and seeing them live.

Awesome Band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/2006

Lagwagon are a band that just keep getting better and better. In the past they have been accused of plagiarising NoFX and although their latest album, Resolve possibly sounds the most like NoFX so far, they certainly can't be accused of plagiarism any longer. Innovative chord sequences, which intelligently avoid all the cliche turns of harmony that characterise more mediocre punk, soaring melodies and supreme drumming from Dave Raun characterise the worthy tribute to former drummer Derrick Plourde and add another great album to an already formidable catalogue. Also released recently is their Live in a Dive album, which features just about every track you could ask for on a live album. The only addition that it would be good to see is 'Alison's disease' so far only released on a Fat Music compilation.

The best band | Reviewer: Saul Jones | 8/9/2005

This is THE best band ever...the only band that could possibly be better, more likely be just as good is Rancid

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