Against the Grain | Reviewer: electroshocked | 10/21/13

Brilliant. Hear popular rap/nowadays trash and it's like WHAAAA???
Hear Ladytron and its like "Yoohooo self! Where on earth was I before!?"
Been listening to it for months...haven't got bored yet. Won't ever it seems :)
never thought i'd see the day.....

music i should of heard along time ago... | Reviewer: santiago | 5/29/10

there first song i heard by ladytron was runaway,and then ther music is so trancy, it put in a state calmness and relaxation.i adont know what it is but i can lisent to there music all day long.for reals. keep up the good to see you guys perform in the usa.thanx

Destroy Everything You Touch | Reviewer: jean akehurst | 8/26/07

Well believe it or not ...this was the first record i have heard by ..Ladytron..and i think it's great...a totally different sound a refreshing change from all the tat you hear in the charts today...the lead vocal's..remind me of marianne faithful..they both have very distinqt singing voices...and i think ladytron will be around for quite some time to come.

Rolling Music | Reviewer: Mia | 1/18/07

Ladytron was a great change of pace from someone who was one of those Grungie, "I hate you." people. I guess I finally decided to shower and take ecstacy one day. Then I decided to listen to "Fire" from Ladytron. You'll get hooked, throw away those horrible Alice in Chains CDs, decide dread locks aren't for you, and realize that piercing just in between where your brow ridge and nose meet doesn't look good on you or anyone. You'll trade in those cargo pants and band shirts for some cute skinny jeans and form fitting shirts. After that you may realize your a girl with a cute butt and some boobs!!! Now go get '604' and get pretty

I Love Ladytron | Reviewer: Olivia [x] Fiend | 10/3/05

Ladytron is kickass. I love this band! 10 out of 5 stars. I love it!