luv SOV<333 | Reviewer: emzie*o | 6/6/11

SOV---AWESOME! omg this is my fav song. i can rap to it really well(and fast enough). its awesome, im tellin u. i wish i lived in england so i could see one of her concerts. i would give 1000 bucks to see one

sovs verse.. some corrections .x | Reviewer: Lil-G (Aoifaidh Maxwell) | 5/6/08

yo im sovs biggest fan and i always listen to dis song its like my favourite ... alot of the lyrics in the sov verse is wrong, ive contacted sov and asked her if i was right about the lyrics,she said they're wrong and my ones are right, thanks for puttin up the opportunity to get them right, i have corrected it here..... thanks,Maxwell xxxxxx

omg sov...=) | Reviewer: becca | 6/26/07

i am IN LOVE WITH HER.....i and am deadly searous! louise harman is THE one and only love of my life!!....i would give anything just to be in her presents!! SHE SO HOT! LOL im in love!
sov...keep up the amazing work love!!
-becca Harman lol..i wishxxx