Totally Awesome | Reviewer: Carlie | 4/7/2007

This song is the best! I listen to it all the time. I really wish I could just meet Lady Sovereign cuz it would be completely and totally awesome!!!!!

Greatttt | Reviewer: angella | 3/16/2007

This song is great i liten to it almost 6 times a day nice song lady sovereign
LoVe It!!!!!

This song is the bomb!!! | Reviewer: Colleen | 2/19/2007

Omg this song says everything that i want to say to people that i really don't like. its amazing!!! i love it

this song is off the chain | Reviewer: haley | 2/10/2007

this is awesome i would love to meet lady soveriegn that would be awesome!!!!

This song is awsome | Reviewer: D.J. | 2/4/2007

This is like the best song ever I mean if you have never heard of it before you just HAVE to listen to IT! It roxs my soxs