love it | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/24/2008

i love this song!!!! i listen to it like a million times a day... if i know that im going to be away from my comp for a while then i listen to the song before i leave so i will get the song stuck in my head....its like the same thing for me if you love me then im going to thank you and if you hate me then im going to give you a big fuck you....

love it | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/24/2008

omfg... this song is awesome.... the first time i ever heard it i was hooked...i listen to this song alot in one day and if i know i will be away from it for a while i play it over and over so it will be in my

dis song rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: coolgirl1565 | 2/8/2008

this song is da best ever and she really reminds me of myself cuz mostly every thing she said made me fell like it was me she was talkin about!!!!! god i love her songz there off da hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

i love the song love me or hate me!:) | Reviewer: brittany | 7/20/2007

hey! wat up?i'm good you?love you and your songs and i had a i nightstand with your husbon or boy friend!!!!
i really did it feeled good and your boyfriend is a good kisser we had sex too!

Wooooo dis song rockz!!!! | Reviewer: Dall | 7/9/2007

Wow she is toatally like me lol i would love to meet her in person i wish I sad lol anyway this song is da bomb!!!! love you lady :D

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: Bailey | 6/20/2007

i love this song so much.
shes so opininated, its great!


ma god this iz the best girl ever ...damn shez cool (Never had my nails done.
Bite them down until they're an odd number) shez like me thats wat am doing love ya sov

Love me or hate me | Reviewer: Angie | 5/29/2007

If you me than thank you
ikf you hate me than f*** you

AWESOME | Reviewer: Shelbi Thompson | 5/17/2007

Lady Sovereign is the bomb. i listen to her songs Hoodie and Love me or hate me everyday... love ya SOV

she raps like me | Reviewer: chloe | 5/16/2007

this gal singz like ma name keep da gd work L.S xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox chloe