Awsome | Reviewer: Sally | 4/18/13

Super Acurate. I played the music while I listened to the music, and it became really clear of wut she was actually saying. Thanks for letting me know the words to my favorite song.

I would be proud to be her mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/11

Never cared for the song but it's the first lady Gaga song I heard and I was intrigued. I felt like this young lady was going somewhere. I am not disappointed. She has talent, whether you like her work or not, and she touches young people's lives in a positive way. I have absolutely NO problem with that. THIS old dyke is a Little Monster, girl! You go!

Meh.. | Reviewer: Danae?! | 8/19/11

I'll admit it, this is not my favorite song by GaGa. It doesn't show her vocal talent and versatility as much as others (personally speaking, "Bad Romance", "Bloody Mary" and "Electric Chapel" are my jams). However, I love how insane she is with the wardrobe, and the fact that she's pro-LGBT rights. Not to mention she's one of those artists whose live concerts REALLY deliver. To the person that said she swears: that's ridiculous; I hear this song all the time, that isn't what she's saying, and if it was, they'd have to bleep it on the radio. Which they don't.

Anyway, yeah, not the best, but it's the exception in the general rule that GaGa should have a spot in your iPod. Go, girl.

Yet again nobody has noticed!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/11

I can't believe nobody has noticed the swearing in this song. I watched a Disney film the other day with my son and they played this track...and the swear words - in a DISNEY film!!!
Listen REALLY carefully, the chorus is p p p poker face, p p f*ck her face... horrified!!!

legendary? | Reviewer: michelle | 6/15/11

OMG Gaga you were right, you are one of the BEST songwriters in the industry! WTF! You wish! This song is crap just like every other song of hers. Gaga is no Joni Mitchell or Lauryn Hill, just let me say that. Unlike Gaga, they know how to write MUSIC. Poker Face =Trash. It saddens me that twenty years from now, some people will look back and call this trash legendary. So unfortunate.

now | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/10

The song is so catchy it's awesome that hot it got to be a big hit and its aobut a woman ebing with a man while fantisizing about being with a women. also it did not take 4 people tow rite Lady Gaga wrote it on a plane other people just put their names on it.

How?! | Reviewer: April Boyer | 10/30/10

My question is how in god's name did this song get to be such a big hit? In all honesty, I find it super annoying and I'm not really one to write a whole lot of negative comments about any song. What are the lyrics even supposed to mean?

<) | Reviewer: ashlex | 9/1/10

Lady Gaga, you are my hero. And one day, no matter what anyone tells me, one day i'll be beside you on stage. I want to be a preformer and one day I will be. Mark my words, world, one day Lady Gaga will know my name, as will the rest of you.

She's W E I R D | Reviewer: Niloo - Iran | 8/21/10

I honestly like her music but not her personality...
She's so weird and make herself frightening, she's cute naturally n with alittle make up she'll turn into a pretty girl, it'll be pertfect then!
I think she wanna be unique...Not a good way for becomin' unique though!

Awesome vocal performance | Reviewer: ilovelctr | 8/7/10

Well this song doesn't quite show her lung volume but does show her amazingly wide vocal range. It's even more incredible when you hear her hitting those low notes live. The rhythm and melody are brilliant too except for being a bit repetitive over time. Lady Gaga's very talented, especially when considering her songwriting skill and vocal ability.

talent | Reviewer: Kelly | 6/22/10

Lady gaga IS talented if like to admit it or many people can write their OWN music and produce it themselfs and have 4 number 1 hits off of one CD?? Not a lot. And I love the way she dressed, its original, atleast she doesn't look like every other god damn pop singer out there. She has her own style and is not afraid of what people think of her and that's something you have to give credit too.

Stop Lady Gaga! Plz! | Reviewer: iknowrealmusic13 | 6/18/10

This song can only be described in one word: awful! This song has no point and is the most annoying thing since my little sister. I wish Lady Gaga would do us all a favor and stop recording these terrible things. I love that she's her own person and everything but her music needs to change-like now. Sorry Lady Gaga or Stephanie (her real name which is a lot less odd than Lady Gaga which sounds like a baby toy company) but you're not exactly what people would call "good". Sorry all you fans out there but this is just my opinion.

people please. | Reviewer: xXStellaXx | 4/25/10

I like lady Gaga. she is super rad.i like her music. there is always a deeper meaning to her music that people dont realize. i dont consider her wierd just cuz she is different. so is the rest of the world. we are all different, we all like different things. no one should ever feel like they are the only weird person in the world, because everyone is weird in their own way. she dresses the way she does so that no one feels like an outcast. i admire her for that. =]

4 writers???? 4??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/10

It took 4 people to write these lyrics??? WOW.....I don't think when I'm 60 I'm gonna look back and say - LADY GAGA - Poker Face changed my life - unless I got laid while listening to it and even then it would only be a one night stand and I'd forget about her just like this song.

Truly Spectacular | Reviewer: Yeltzin | 3/1/10

When I first heard this song all I could think about was drugs, lots of drugs. Then I heard in an interview with Barbara Walters that I was wrong. It was actually lots of stimulants.
By the way this song sucks for anyone who thinks other wise. A catchy hook is no substitute for legitimate music.