Lacuna Coil and Evanescence, not similar | Reviewer: Mark | 11/9/06

Evanescence formed in 1994 so did lacuna coil. however if you actually read the histories Cristina Scabbia joined in 1995/96, before that were completely male vocals. they are obviously gonna be compared coz of the female vocals other than that i dont believe they are similar. i love both bands and i think that Evanescence deserve the recognition they get coz they worked for like 8 years to get where they got. Lacuna Coil took a little longer but they got there and are now the top of the Female metal scene.

both have great songs, awesome lyrics and some equally awesome riffs, Amy deserves the recognition but so does Cristiina and im sorry but Evanescence got the fame first. if it weren't for them a lot of the meatl female bands would not have broken through. Lacuna coil are by far my fave but i love Evanescence also because they mix piano with the heavy rock music and she is also an awesome pianist

thanks for letting me vent, and stop mocking artists that are not to your taste, i think its coz ur jealous of how talented they are and you are not!


Empty Spiral | Reviewer: Stephanie | 10/14/06

One question, how can evanescence be ripping lacuna coil off? they are from totally different countries which are miles and miles away and they both started out roughly the same time.
Lacuna Coil and Evanescence are my two favourite bands. None of there songs even compare to each other.
Lacuna Coil are amazing, I have seen them live recently and they just blew me away. Cristina is beautiful and so is her voice.
Karmacode is my fave album by far.
And for the people that keep saying that Cristina is taking the limelight away from the guys then your really stupid, it is mainly because she is a woman and if you read Kerrang! issue no.1126 where she says "in the live shows, im not the centre of attention on stage. i dont wanna be the centre of attention all the time."

any wayz


Lacuna Coil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/06

Lacuna Coil is a great band but they are too repetitive with their songs if you don't agree listen to all their album and you see that the chorus is repeated at least 3 times at the end. Check these songs Reverie, Closer, The Ghost Woman and the Hunter, When A Dead Man Walks and the album Karmacode. That's the cons of them though, they have a great singer and experimental on their sound.

About Evanescence thing, Evanescence was formed around the same time as Lacuna Coil, Cristina joined the band in 1996 while Evanescence had been an idea coming to reality. How can a band rip off a band unknown from their country and also who live oceans away. I think that you need to get your facts straight before you make any comment.

Lacuna Coil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/06

I think that Lacuna Coil is a very good group, but lets face it they don't have what it takes to be at the very top other wise they would have been there already. I have all of their cds and I have listened to them evolve through time and I love them to death, but they are no evanescence how can you even compare the two. They are separated enities with similar sounds yes, but also separate.

The Empty Spiral Fills Up | Reviewer: Luke | 5/2/06

Okay, we have gathered that Evanescence have ripped off Lacuna Coil, all was needed was one person to say it, not 3, this page is about reviewing Lacuna Coil, not slagging off Evanescence, despite the fact i feel the same, get over it.

Lacuna Coil do not get enough praise for what they do it's simple. Also Cristina Scabbia, very fit yes, but she steals the thunder of everyone else purely for that reason which isn't fair as all 6 contributed to get LC to the heights they are at today.

Also their cover of Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode (track 13 on Karmacode) is good.

Come on people, get behind LC if you are a fan, see them getting the recognition. Some bands who aren't as good or who haven't made such achievements are already getting plaudits, and unnecessarily so, for example see Trivium, but i'm not going to do what everyone else does and take time to slag them of the LC's page.

Enough said, rant over. Now breathe

Right, lets get this straight | Reviewer: taranis | 4/24/06

If you're an idiot and you are incapable of loking up each bands history then you won't see a problem with Evanescence and think Lacuna coil may have ripped them off.

The fact is: Lacuna have been going since at least 1994, and had records out by 1997/8 on. Evanescence RIPPED LACUNA COIL OFF. It doesn't matter how you paint it, what justification you try to use, They ripped them off wholesale, just like Stone Temple Pilots did Pearl Jam, and Feeder did Smashing Pumpkins.

Just 'cos you weren't around or don't have the presence of mind to be able to check back as to what happened then DOESN'T mean it didn't happen.
It's yet another case of the Corporate money-machine trying to gain new resources by foisting their own manufactured cloned bullshit on a genre they haven't been able to penetrate or control yet. It's worked too. What passes for metal these days is the stuff of boybands. Linkin park anyone? Are Evanescence not the Linkin Park version of Lacuna? They even dumb the song-structures down.
Listen to Bring me to life, and you'll see that the guitar lines are one chord strummed over and over. The most basic power chords are used to simplify the work that bands like Lacuna Coil put in. The only reason it sounds different is because the label have a massive budget to plough into making all that sound HUGE.

The only problem is, all the bands that are part of that sound the same way! Disturbed, Linkin Park, Drowning Pool, Evanescence. It's just Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson.

You can even fit the chorus to "Backstreet's Back" over "one step closer".
It doesn't take a genius to figure out that we should be somewhat dubious of the integrity and quality of any band that just becomes huge out of nothing these days. Lacuna have paid their dues by fucking working hard for the last 12 years. Evanescence don't deserve anything.

Amazing | Reviewer: Celeste | 4/21/06

love lacuna coil. I'm into a lot of metal bands with female vocalists (say Nightwish, Epica, Evanescence and of course Lacuna Coil, if not I wouldn't be writing this review) and lacuna coil, although maybe theyre not my favorite band of all times, is a great addition to my CD collection, especially now it's winter in the southern hemisphere, where I live, and all these bands for some reason sound GREAT in winter!! (don't ask, I just FEEL it)

OK enough ranting. All I have to say is lacuna coil is awesome music and I love it love it love it and I think Christina's voice is simply beautiful!! I wish they sold more of their CDs in my country, the only one they sell here is Comalies.

Lacuna Coil Forever! | Reviewer: chris | 1/2/06

well i been afan since 2003. Lacuna coil music help me alot in my life same as evanescence. i dont think evanescence is copying Lacuna. I have all there cds and i love them to death...
as again as Oni Me no Laharl. if you like evanescence you would love lacuna coil.

Lacuna Coil: A band which should have the glory which Evanescence has. | Reviewer: Oni Me no Laharl | 8/24/04

Lacuna Coil is one of the bands which I fully recognize as the first Evanescence. their style of music is almost quite similar, especially in the older albums of both bands.

Some may say the new Lacuna Coil Album, Comalies, was a "Evanescence Rip-Off" especially here in the Philippines. But... I bought it (thanks to my friend's suggestion) and I loved it better than my Evanescence album "Fallen" and it had its own signiture which makes it proudly state that its no rip-off.

And besides, the band is older, more original. I love the female and male vocalist mixing and singing together. They make such a great team. The tunes were also nicely moody and harder rocking than Evanescence.

Here is the Lo-down. If you like Evanescence, buy Lacuna Coil. I promise you will like them as much as Evanescence, if not even more. If you dont know Evanescence, and want to try something new, I suggest you buy them as well.

I am not bashing anyone. I still like Evanescence, but I also like my Lacuna Coil. And its painful to see such a great band not being widely recognized especially here.

Lacuna Coil... glory stolen by Evanescence. | Reviewer: Oni Me no Laharl | 8/24/04

First, before we begin, know that I like Evanescence. They were the first 'goth rock' bands I ever heard. They rocked, they sang, and Amy Lee was sexy.

But... my friend suggested me LAcuna Coil, and out came the album... very late here in the Philippines. I listened, I sang, I was conquered.

Many say LAcuna Coil is a rip-off band of Evanescence... I mean, they sound alike... except Lacuna Coil does it harder and better, and they have a female vocalist and almost the same rythm... but I strongly disagree. At first, I may have thought so... until I looked at the time when the latest albums "Comalies" of LAcuna Coil was out by 2002, and "Fallen" by Evanescence was out by 2003. That one year gap can conclude one thing. Lacuna Coil is not an Evanescence rip off... and it saddens me that a lot of people think this way.

Please. If you guys have time to listen to your Evanescence album, get Lacuna Coil. You wont be disappointed.