christina rocks!!! | Reviewer: maria 66 | 7/7/08

evanescence have nothing to do with lacuna!!christina sings with her heart and she is absolutely a part of rock & metal scene...amy lee is obviously a pop singer and in europe noone of metal fans listen to her music!!when i listen to songs like "lithium"and "call me when u re sober"i can realize that amy has no idea of hard music.

u caN T compare lacuna coil with evanescence | Reviewer: rania 66 | 6/30/08

LC have nothing to do with evanescence!!these bands are totally different.christina rocks and amy is an american girl who has no idea of rock n metal!Here in europe noone of metallers take evanescence seriously.In fact they don t belong in rock/metal scene!if u love female vocals u can listen to THE GATHERING,AFTER FOREVER,WITHIN TEMPTATION,NIGHTWISH,ENDERBRIDGE,,SKELETAL FAMILY!

You are loved here | Reviewer: Al | 1/16/08

Me and my friends would love to see lacuna coil live here in havana, if there were any way for them to come play here, they have a lot of public here and organizations like AHS or ICAP maybe can help them comming here, if anyone read this please, let them know.
a huge fan!!!

LACUNA COIL ROCKS! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/07

the best ever! the music touches me deep!

great | Reviewer: Teen | 6/19/07

"Our truth" is one of my favorite songs from Lacuna Coil. Everything they sing is an inspiration for our age, nothing has limit when I listen to them. I love the way they performe and especialy I love the way Cristana performe. I just Love the way they take music as a spiritual thing. I'll take too.

Lacuna Coil & evanescence | Reviewer: elsa | 6/5/07

Evanescence is not the rip off because Amy Lee said that she hadn't even heard lacuna coil before. but now she knows 'em. By the way, lacuna coil is a great band....!

Inspirational Band | Reviewer: Phoenix | 5/23/07

I never heard about Lacuna Coil till I heard their song on Music Choice channel 411. Their determination and belief in following their dreams has helped me to follow mine.
I am now within my band 'Life Sentence'. I admit, it is quite queer to sing in front of people when one is quite shy and self-conscious. But my friend, Dark Angel, read one of my songs and heard me sing in homeroom (I didn't know he was at the door!). He said I should write songs for our band and sing them.
You guys are a great inspirtation to one who wants to be in a band yet is unsure of one's self. I never thought a female could be part of a metal band till I heard you, Cristina Scabbia. You guys are a great inspiration. I hope your band goes far.

Lacuna Coil Rocks!!! | Reviewer: Heather | 5/22/07

I was listening to them before they made it big in the US....and I have gone to 90% of their concerts here in the US. They are so amazing and good to their fans....they know how they got where they are and you can tell that they are verythankful for their fans. I just wish they wuld do more tours in makes me sad that I can only see them live once a year...or less :(

Lacuna Coil | Reviewer: sky | 5/14/07

i went and saw them in consert at jaxx in va for the first time and they rock'ed

10 out of 10 | Reviewer: Alexis | 2/25/07

Even though the genre of "symphonic"/goth/metal bands with female vocalists is rather crowded, Lacuna Coil stands out (and is my personal favorite). Cristina's voice is real, emotional and earthy, not high and operatic, and the contrast between her and Andrea is simply perfect. Their music has a stunning, almost other-worldly beauty, melancholy at times, aggressive at others. Lacuna Coil continues to push the envelope when their contemporaries just get predictable. They're amazing.