Essence Of Gothic Metal Elegance! | Reviewer: Toure Cannon | 10/17/13

This is the song that got me into Lacuna Coil! They're no.1 on my list of my Favorite Gothic Metal bands. This song has Feeling and a mood to it.till this day forth...I still listen to them!

Awesomesauce! | Reviewer: Meg | 2/18/10

I absolutely LOVE this song.
Lacuna Coil is one of my favorite gothic-rock bands; along with Evanesence, Within Temptation, and Nightwish. ANYWHOZ this song is absolutely amazing and I get it stuck in my head quite often. :)

Exclent song | Reviewer: Sierra | 8/17/09

its an intersting story on how i got hooked on lacuna coil, i've always thought it would be awesome to have a duet like metal band and then i hear their song "closer" and looked them up, and so far they have not disapointed me :) i love them and this is so far my fav song by them :)

althought i am a major fan of both Evanescence and Lacuna coil i think they should not be compaired to eachother, they are both exclent bands with two different sounds :) long live the Goddess's of the Rock World!! :)

imput | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/28/09

I think everyone needs to stop comparing amy lee and cristina. They are two completely different artists, both bands they are in make two different types of music. So your only reason for comparing them is because they are both chicks in a band.

okay | Reviewer: Gabriela | 5/21/09

yeah it's a great song but too bad the sounds not as natural throughout the album "Comalies"
she uses alot of that echo stuff on her voice to extend it but without a doubt, it is still a good song =]

Great song | Reviewer: Penoesh | 4/18/09

This, in fact, was one of the first songs I ever heard. Together with "lost lenore" by Tristania, This song formed to who I am today. Because this was the first gothic rock/metal song I've had ever heard and I fell in love with that genre ever since. It leaped me into the whole gothic scene, thus being te first step in finding myself.

The song, at itself, has powerfull lyrics. It is sung by a girl with a fantastic voice, switched sometimes with the harder voice of the male singer, creating a beauty and the beast effect (but not quite). Musically, it's even better! De melancholy in this song is felt from the first note until the last one.

Conclusion: you simpley gotta love this song.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Nishat | 10/14/08

The song has amazing strength. I love listening to it because it makes me feel powerful. Christina uses her voice beautifully to get the message of the song across. Gosh, this sounds so boring. But anyways, its HOT!!

Nice song | Reviewer: yolea | 8/22/08

oh yeah? sorry but I think you're a bit wrong....evanescence are aternative rock, and gothic rock is a part of alternative, also as grungee (Nirvana)....and women can make gothic....take a look at Nightwish....btw it's a awesome song :) sry for my english

It's a review. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/08

Cristina Scabbia > Amy Lee. Evanescence are rock, Lacuna Coil are 'gothic' metal. I guess the 'gothic' bit comes from the fact that there's a woman singing. Women don't make music 'gothic'... This is a good song, I'm listening to it right now... hahah. :)

Also, Evanescence does not make you a tr00 goff.

Alsome | Reviewer: Bryant Paradine | 5/6/08

this is the best song that i think that you have done even better then the one on garutair hero so you need to do a concert a lest once in Michigan like grandrapits or Coldwater those are some of the things that you could make this song get populee.

LC Rocks!! | Reviewer: Ruiz | 2/12/08

I Think there was an article about this song, where they said it is an anti-religion song, which is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!!! Cuz "Heaven" is a metaphor for "A Perfect Life", so when the term "Your heaven's a lie" is used, it's referring to when someone forces their opinion on others, or that no one's life is perfect. Just thought I'd throw that out. Evanescence! Nightwish! and yea, LACUNA COIL!!! They all rock big time!!!

simply gorgeous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/08

this song is amazing, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Cristina Scabbia has an amazing voice (go altos! lol) and the acoustic of this song is simply beautiful. if you like the original, you'll probably like the acoustic version, too. it's so nice to see some rock/metal bands with female lead vocalists. women are taking over the rock industry by storm!

awesome song | Reviewer: Brian | 2/1/08

Lacuna Coil rocks and Cristina Scabbia is a total hottie. This is a really good song and one of many from a good band. Don't be ripping on Evanesance either. Yeah they are similar but both great bands

Awesome | Reviewer: Tori | 1/15/08

jst been introduced to this band, and i love it!! i'm so happy that there are more chicks coming into the rock world. . . so dnt be dissing any of them, they're amazing, go nightwish, lacuna coil and evanescence!! oh and this song is so awesome!! i love it

Awesome!!! | Reviewer: Ruiz | 12/19/07

This song iz awesome! The music and the vocals go hand in hand. And someone commented about Amy Lee being a wannabe---- that's not true dude. Their music may be a little similar, but both bands are on a different level. Evanescence is great, and this song is awesome. Don't be hating.