Best Sog Ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

This song is amazing. It is the perfect blend of guitar and drums with the awesome duet of Christina Braccia and Andrea Ferro.

Stunning | Reviewer: Nicky Sabotage | 9/3/07

As an amatuer musician, I am quite amazed at how they meshed the synths with the guitars and drums. I am also impressed with how they were able to create a sense of urgency and distress in their instrumentals. The vocals, as to how they sound, could be better, but some of the greatest songs out their are asong but not-so-great vocalists such as A7X's 'Warmness on the Soul', it has amazing lyrics and a great combo of guitar and piano and drum. On Lacuna Coil's actual lyrics, I like their use of repition to real drive a point home. Allover, amazing song.

Great Song | Reviewer: Iorwen | 8/9/07

Lacuna Coil is just plain awesome not like that wannabe amy lee with her group evanecense

5/14/2007 | Reviewer: Ashley | 5/14/07

I love this song. I think I'm going to talk my band into doing this song and letting me sing!!

Amazing.. | Reviewer: Steve | 4/24/07

You know, this song is TRULY amazing..I have never been so fond of a song till now..This song has amazingly helped me just get over the breaking up of my relationship with my girlfriend, on a musical sense..this song has amazing vocals and the lyrics are very deep to me, they have meaning to me, not just based on what I've gone through in the past few hours, but also my views on heaven itself..I finally do feel free.

good | Reviewer: adam | 4/14/07

fuck britany spears, metal has some of the hottest singers. it is great song

really REALLY great song | Reviewer: Kory Godwin | 10/13/04

musically it was good. vocals and lyrics just were plain awesome.

Great song. | Reviewer: Fangirl | 8/7/04

Really awesome song. It's quite dark, but the lyrics are amazingly well done, and the song is just an over-all REALLY good song.