Amazing | Reviewer: LATOYA | 4/12/09

We sing the slower version at our church also.
This song is for those who will lay their life down at any given time for any reason , even no reason for the LORD . Someone who is eager and desperate for the touch of GOD , someone who is In love with JESUS and his HOLY SPIRIT. Who cares nothing about what the world portrays GOD as but wants to go through experiences with the LORD theirselves , someone who looks up to real men & women of GOD , and pray for GOD to take you there or past .. GOD willing . Who just wants to Go to the Holy of Holies and be with the Almighty GOD for eternity , I pray that for MAN , and all who read this and may not even read , but believe that JESUS CHRIST is LORD .Bretheren pray for me to Go past the outter courts , and for GOD to take me into the holy of holies . For the LORD to take the coal and cleanse my LIPS . LORD HERE I AM YOUR SERVANT.

Holy Spirit | Reviewer: LaToya | 3/26/09

My chuch sung this last sunday , and it was like a slower version , well i dont know how the original goes , but the Holy spirit was amazing , and it was great , this song touches me , and i feel like this.

I apologize to those who love the song for the following rant, but I wanted to respond to some of the negatives. | Reviewer: Sparra | 2/23/09

Okay, I just want to touch on some of what others have written.
To the person who wrote "Sorry, but I disagree"--
I think that you have missed the point that the lyricist was trying to make with the phrase "Holy of holies"-- This is a reference to being in the presence of God. Yes, the Holy of Holies was where the Ark of the Covenant, the Mosaic symbol of God's presence, was kept. But the allusion to Isaiah 6-- take the coal, touch my lips, here I am-- makes clear that the meaning is figurative-- God's presence, not a room. And God's presence is the the only place that we can find the source of righteousness(which is God Himself). Furthermore, this is a journey of the soul, which must be made solo-- not with crowds of people or for show at an altar-- but with a heart focused on one thing: God.

An interesting sidebar to this might be the tradition of priests wearing a cord around them to be pulled out by if they were struck down when they entered the Holy of holies and the presence of God. When you consider that, the prayer of this chorus "take me into the Holy of Holies" is saying, I don't care about the consequences, Lord-- kill me if you must-- but I just gotta be close to you!

To the person who wrote "Disturbing"--
I think that you have misinterpreted the reason for including rock or alternative sound in worship. As a worship planner and praise team member, I find that sometimes rock, alternative, or other types of music better expreess the spiritual angst within my sould and the emotions and meaning of the words that I'm speaking. That's not to say that such music is always appropriate-- many times, a softer sound is better for the circumstance-- but that does not mean that all rock/alternative Christian music is bad.

Furthermore, assuming that all the churches that play such music are halfhearted in their devotion to Christ-- which I am assuming is why you used the term "Laodicean"-- as a reference to Rev. 3-- becaause that is not true!

Also, such music is extremely seeker-friendly-- that is, it is not intimidating or scary to the unchurched, as many consider hymns. That does not mean that we are doing it to be like the world; for one thing, the lyrics make the music comepletely different!!! And even if we were, doesn't the apostle Paul instruct us to "become all things to all men, so that we may save as many as possible"?

As to statement that this is just "the lie of "new thing"" and we should "return to walking in the old paths like the bible instructs us to"-- I would like to see where in the Bible you are getting your instruction. Christianity has ALWAYS been a radical religion, and incorporating
new musical styles is far less radical than many of the changes that Christianity has provoked. Everything that Jesus taught was a "New Thing" that went against the traditions of his day-- that's why he spoke in parables! He didn't want them to understand everything right away, because the things he was preaching went against EVERYTHING the Jews believe: abolish sacrifices, go to God through me instead of the priests, love everyone, everyone is equal, blessed are the ones who are lowly and despised, comparing God to a dishonest judge . . . I could go on and on.

And I might add that the most ancient, most traditional music we have in church was at the center of a huge controversy at one time. The church fathers recognized the power of music and had a great debate over how it should be used in worship. John Calvin and Martin Luther put forth 2 different perspectives that would both be highly unpopular today and (thank heaven)are not practiced:

I think I can safely say that no one does this. This is in part because we have realized that our God loves diversity. Adding a bit of Diversity to our worship is a good thing. And it's a bit of a foretaste of heaven, where God will be worshiped on his throne by every tribe, nation and tongue. Notice there are still tribes, nations, and tongues. There's going to be a lot of different worship styles going on in heaven, so my view is that everybody better get used to accepting and respecting (if not learning to enjoy and participate in) worship styles other than their own. Of which Rock and alternative music a re just afew. There's also Rap, African Drum Music, Gregorian Chant (now there's an oldie you don't hear much-- which I find very soothing to my soul even though I don't understand all the Latin) and so on.

Finally, I feel that I must answer the charge that "the young generation of today has no idea what God's word says". I believe that some of my quotations have already illustrated a ready knowledge of my Bible, but let me also say that the Bible says "Judge not, lest ye be judged",
as well as instructing us in the epistles not to show favoritism to anyone. I may wear a tee and jeans to church but that still meets God's requirement of modesty. And David, "a man after God's own heart" did many of the things that some of the older generation look down on us for. If you doubt it, read about when he brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem-- he is described as leaping and dancing and taking off some of his clothes in a state of joyous abandon in worship to the Lord. And because his wife Michal (Saul's daughter) despised him for "making a fool out of himself", the Lord punished her by making her barren!-- which was an enormous social stigma back then as well as a deprivation of kids.

For myself, I must say that I find this song incredibly powerful (because of the lyrics) and I love it. I'll probably still be singing it when God calls me home to heaven and I finally get to see him face to face.

i love it | Reviewer: karen | 10/9/08

i think the words of this song is so awesome. this song really touches my heart and blesses my really appreciate though the event illustrated in the song, someone has to be at a certain level with GOD.

Disturbing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/08

AMAZING..... | Reviewer: Brad Jessup | 2/21/2008

"This song ROCKS, I am on a worship team and we play a softer version (Acoustic) that does not have the bite, so we are stepping it up:) This song gets you in the groove with the Holy Spirit, which is where we all need to stay at all times:)
Praising the King:)"

This statement is very disturbing. If having "the bite", "stepping it up" or getting in the groove means music with a rock or alternative sound coupled with extreme volume (like mostlaodicean churches today), then according to God's word, the Holy Spirit will have nothing to do with it. The bible says many times not to pattern yourselves after the world. Not in speech, dress, any way. Those who are well read in the word of God and know Him well, know that it is not pleasing to the Father when we worship and praise how we want to. This is what Cain did when he offered a sacrifice they way he wanted to and God rejected him. Abel offered the sacrifice the way God wanted it to be and this God accepted. It's time to turn away from the lie of the "new thing" and return to walking in the old paths like the bible instructs us to. Sadly, the young generation of today has no idea what God's word says, if they did then their actions, appearance, attitude and demeanor would reflect Him. The old generation has failed to teach the young generation the ways to walk therein.

lovely song | Reviewer: thabang | 6/16/08

Hey there!
I really lyked da lyrics 2 da song its a really touching song it touched my heart n just helped me on living my lyf as a better christian.I cant wait 4 da next song hopefully it will b as gr8t as dis 1.Luv Thabang

AMAZING..... | Reviewer: Brad Jessup | 2/21/08

This song ROCKS, I am on a worship team and we play a softer version (Acoustic) that does not have the bite, so we are stepping it up:) This song gets you in the groove with the Holy Spirit, which is where we all need to stay at all times:)
Praising the King:)

Holy of Holies | Reviewer: Kyoko Marie | 2/6/08

I love this song. It shows how their are couts, priests and alters, but that isn't what everyone needs. Christ alows us to worship how it will most impact us and our relationship with him. We can go PAST the crowds, PAST the alter, PAST the preists. HE is the HOLY OF HOLIES, and our souls can go strait to HIM. That is a wonderful message. We don't need the preists, the crowds the alters. We can go strait to the source, strait to the HOLY OF HOLIES; we CAN go STRAIT to HIM. And that has made all the difference.

Sorry but I disagree | Reviewer: Randy | 1/28/08

First of all let me say that I like the song, it's the lyrics I have a problem with. I find the references to the temple with it's "crowds of people", "priests who sing your praise", "outer courts", and "brazen alter" troubling especially when coupled with the phrase "I hunger for your righteousness, But it's only found in one place". It's that last line that bothers me the most because it's not found only in one place. His righteousness is found everywhere because He is everywhere. To me that is what Christ is about. He's about not needing priests and temples and certainly not having a place called the "Holy of Holies". When Jesus surrendered His spirit the curtain covering the Holy of Holies was torn. To me that says God is everywhere and we can find Him anywhere. I don't have to go somewhere special to encounter God because He is everywhere. Yes I am made righteous by the blood of the Lamb but I don't have to go someplace for that to happen, it can and does happen anywhere. I find the lyrics to the song too restrictive and that troubles me.

Take Me In | Reviewer: Ruby | 10/31/07

I'm so thrilled to be able to locate this wonderful song once again. It has meant so much to me. Thank you for your help. I'm eternally grateful.