65 yr old incurable God lover | Reviewer: Judy | 9/23/10

Music is huge for me. I relate to how teens feel about 'their' music. I love contemporary Christian music and thank God for it, be it rock, heavy metal, pop etc. I am mostly alone in my music choice among my peers and the young people don't quite get me talking about music their parents don't like when I am grandma's age not mom's age. BUT God, who is rich in mercy, because of his great love, when I was dead in my sins (partying in the 60's and 70's), made me alive together with Christ, by grace alone. That was 45 years ago and I still enjoy the Beatles and the influence they have had on Christian music because I am sure no style of music is despised by God when a true child of God writes a song that edifies the church. There are exceptions and we all have heard them but I can enter into worship with "we're a band" or 'revolution' as readily as 'a mighty fortress is our God'. I would like more doctrinal depth but I love the freedom God gives us to like or dislike music. The only music I really dislike is 'baroque'. Fingernails on a blackboard! I think music lovers will be swept away by the sounds we will hear in heaven. We have only a tiny taste here. I can hardly wait. Judy

Honestly... | Reviewer: JML | 8/16/10

...worship is not about a song. Worship is not the "slow songs" you do at church, at least, it shouldn't be. Worship should be your LIFESTYLE. Everything you do and say should bring glory, honor, and worship to God. We are His temple, He dwells within us. There are many ways to worship God. Whether it be singing, clapping, dancing, or serving, we must glorify Him at all times.


How wonderful .. Holy of Holies | Reviewer: New in my Walk | 6/10/10

We were studying 'the blood of the Lamb' in our recent Bible study and wow, the next Sunday we sang this in church. It has not left my mind since and I sing the chorus all day long in and to praise GOD our Father.
I don't know who wrote this but it certainly covers a lot for me. My thanks to our Father for instilling these beautiful words in someone's mind, and to that person for putting it on paper for us all to sing.

Praise GOD!! | Reviewer: Cliff Owen | 4/6/10

I praise God and thank HIM every day for all that HE give us! With that said, I am oh so happy that He will meet up where we are. Who said that God is only happy with "Kumbaya" type music or the good ole "bluegrass" gospel music. Ok, so you like it? Cool. But how will that music minister to the younger crowd? How will you attract the attention of kids today with music that they can not relate to?
You have to go where "they" are! I have always supported "contemporary" Christian music, and will until the day He calls me home!
Step aside Satan! A new group of Christians are here, and we are taking it to the streets, bars, and anywhere there are people in need of Christ!
Look, this isn't the '50s! And this isn't "Leave it to Beaver"! Look around you at what kids of today have to live in and with. There is a new approach required to touch them, to talk to them, and mostly to get them to listen. It just isn't going to happen with "old school" gospel music.
Like I said earlier, if you like it, great. If it ministers to you, then that is perfect; for you.
May God keep you all strong and bold in His name!

Is this right? | Reviewer: Dr. Donn | 2/12/10

I read where King David broke all the rules in writing his songs, in fact i have heard it prostulated that he did not sing the same song twice but was alwyas writing new ones in various new ways to suit the new musical instruments he invented... King Solomon likewise as his father used older songs and even "bar songs" reworded to fit praise and worship.... ok before you hit me, listen up....
I have been doing this for over 50 years and have played professionally before becomming exclusivly a Christain musician... Ever listen to the words of love songs and how they could never fit a human but only God? Even if they have some humans name in there, coudl they really love for eternity? Coudl they really m ake the world go away? or take away your fearS? No! Only God can do this thru Jesus...I have seen many crossover songs become popular and have heard many 'bar' songs rewritten with only one or two word changes to fit perfectly for God instead of soem human.... As for rock music in church....Some are not comfortable with it... remember you olders folks when only an organ was acceptable? or vocals only and no intruments at all? THings change, music changes, but the motive and heart is what God looks at not the joyful noise. It is that sacrifice of praise that gets His attention. To each His own as you like, but remember you may not like rock music, but if it gets a few thousand young people saved, then as Jesus said, (losely phrased) "If they are not agaisnt me then they are for me, forbid them not what they are doing."
Just my experienced two cents worth from +55 yrs of praise and worship in church, as music minister and psalmist.
PS. I love this song and have been there and seen where the Holy Spirit came down so powerfully when this song was sung that no one but a few musicians could even stand up....

History of church music | Reviewer: Rebecca | 1/15/10

People are always arguing over the music & tempo of religious music, but none know the history. There was no music, then music was added with an organ, music borrowed from bar songs (not the words, just the music, then other instruments added, then different genres, etc. Many of the different denominations exist only because one denomination wouldn't let them add an instrument or music or tempo. Religious music is ever evolving just as everything else. What you grew up with & think is the only way was one something new that was not accepted by others.

My view | Reviewer: Leo | 12/5/09

I think that sing song is amazing. I also think that the verse has a very direct meaning.

"Take me past the outer courts
Into the Holy Place
Past the brazen altar
Lord I want to see your face
Pass me by the crowds of people
And the Priests who sing your praise
I hunger and thirst for your righteousness
But it's only found in one place"

I think that by saying "take me past the outer courts...past the brazen alter, Lord i want to see your face," AND "Past the crowds and priests...your righteousness is only found in one place."

I think these mean to PASS BY these things like alters and crowds...Gods righteousness is only found in His presence, and I think the lyrics are saying we should pass these displays and be with God as close as possible.

abc...123 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/09

Brad Jessup said "not pleasing to the Father when we worship and praise how we want to."

I disagree in some cases. i think it is fine to use different genres to sing and worship God. Like he said, cain worshiped and praised how he wanted and God rejected but PERSONALIZING it wont upset God. If we are still using music to worship God, then why does it matter if you use something besides the hymnal tune and twist it up and experiment. Whatever you do to it, its still for God and about God. its not like we're sacraficing like what Brad said. we are just doing it different. nothing wrong with that.

Good... | Reviewer: Ananya Bhardwaj | 9/20/09

See i am not christian.. i am a Hindu from India..
but i just love this song..
i've listen both the versions..
the one which has "take the coal touch my lips here i am "..
and the one which has cleanse my lips..
i dont know which one is right.. but still.. i feel that is song is brilliant..
and every morning i sing this song as my prayer...
its just amazing..

Relax | Reviewer: James | 8/29/09

Kutless is a band that has extra pressure because they are a Christian band. They rise to the occasion and take the hits people give them if a lyric is questionable. They're just praising God. Relax. Why would they go to so much effort is they were satanists or something? I believe that God doesn't care if you use hard rock or acoustic music to praise him. It's the thought that counts. He isn't unreasonable. Again. Relax.