Absolutley Incredible | Reviewer: Donna Hefner | 9/24/07

I have not listened to a song in a long time that moves me like this one does. We sing this song in our church now..each time I hear it in or out of church it reminds me of just how AWESOME our GOD truly is....

Holy of Holies | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/07

This is an amazing song that deals with God in the old testment. If you didn't know, you had to be a priest to talk with God. This was before Christ came to save us from our sins.
For more information read you bible at Exodus 26:31-33

AMAZING | Reviewer: Kristie | 7/31/07

This is an amazing song and I just want everyone to listen to it and just be taken in by each word. I hope that the Lord will work His many beautiful ways on you. Bless you all, Thanks Kutless..