JESUS! Name above all names. | Reviewer: Abraham | 11/11/11

I must confess that God confirms the power in Jesus name by causing something interestin & excitin 2 happen 2 me everytym I sing this song. It has r'ly been & will ever remain a blessin 2 my life.. I pray mo' Holy Spirit's inspiration on Kurt Carr.

Something really happens | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/11

The name of JESUS is really awesome.The first time I heard this song,It was my school crusade.Ever since then I love this song,since the day I have it on my phone my life has never be the same.I pray that God will increase the anointing of Kurt Carr

Something happen | Reviewer: Aibueku collins | 10/9/11

Sir. Kurt carr i most confess i envy ur anointing.
Wat an inspirating song.
1st time i had dis song i felt something usual n since them it has be my favourite song wen i'm down. I pray may u increase in grace in Jesus mightful name.

With the name of Jesus, something must happen | Reviewer: Uwemedimo Nsubong | 9/7/11

®©The song: Something happens: Is an inspirational song.the first time i heard dis song,i
was'nt myself,i had to join the worship.when he said at we should call our first name by the count of 3 it was very low, but when he
said we should call the name of Jesus at the count of 3,i went mad,which
shows that the name of Jesus is supernaturalpower when ever you scream on that name"JESUS".kurt carr, God will bless you & your ministry. PLZ GIVE ME MORE.®©

There's something you can't just express about the name 'JESUS' | Reviewer: Omotoba matthew | 9/1/11

Of all truth, something really happens at the mention of the name of Jesus. The most amazing part is hearin the prove in the song. Truely, it makes my heart believe the more. I love the name of Jesus. Tanx Rev Kurt Carr

This Name JESUS! | Reviewer: Emma Danuan | 3/27/11

The lyrics of this song commands healing, brings down the presence of God in the mist of his people. Its a NAME simply beyond description. thank God for giving you the revelation of the mistery in this NAME JESUS! the song is a blessing to the church.

Something Happens | Reviewer: stacey b | 10/8/10

I have been sing the words to the chorus over my oldest daughter since she was a baby when she would have a tantrum. I believe that when we call on the name of Jesus, NOTHING not of HIM can stay in his presence. My daughter is now 4 and goes into huge tantrums (which I believe are spiritual battles within her) and I still sing the words over her and after a while something truly happens and at the end of the day, God wins in my house!

Yes! Something happens,it does | Reviewer: Barry Edwin | 8/4/10

Its an inspirational song.the first time i heard dis song,i wasnt myself,i had to join the worship.when he said at the count of three we should call our first names,it was little,but when he said we should call Jesus at the count of three,i went mad,which shows there's supernaturalpower when you scream that name "JESUS".kurt carr, the lord bless you & your ministry

Yes! Something happens when we cal him | Reviewer: Barry Edwin Ekanem | 8/4/10

Its an inspirational song.the first tym i heard dis song,i wasnt myself,i had 2join the worship.wen he said at d count of 3we shld cal our 1s t names,it wz little,bt wen he said we shld cal Jesus at d count of 3,i went mad,which shows dres supernaturalpower wen u scream that name "JESUS".kurt carr, d lord bles u& ur ministry

Something Happens, really it does. | Reviewer: Falana Ademola | 7/15/10

I don't know just what to say, there's always something about that NAME, right from the first time and this song brings that into reality. Even when you find it hard to understand the scriptures sbout IT Kurt brings it home in his song. Thank you JESUS for Rev. Kurt Carr.

Something really happens | Reviewer: Miracle (ANOINTED) | 5/5/10

The first time i listened to this song was in a friends phone .when it got to where he counted, i felt like going mad about that name. Infaat this song gave me a new inspiration about the name JESUS. I will in and play it to my friends victor and others as we worship God together. Curr thank you for allowing God to use you to bless my heart and the world at large

Brenda Jones | Reviewer: Brenda Jones | 2/24/10

This an awesome worship song. Our mime and praise dancers are going to love this we are using it for our next time we minister. I have to admit I was moved the very first time I heard this song at a conference in Houston(Hilliard). It ushers the presence of God in in a mighty way. Noone is the same afterward. Wow is all I can say. Kurt Carr the boys love to minister to your songs. May GOD continue to bless you as you bless us with what He has given you. I sing this song all day looooong. IN CHRIST

of the truth i tell you something relly happened | Reviewer: Victor Adeoye | 2/23/10

The first DAY I heard this song i felt the presence of GOD all around me, and i also want to use this opotunity to say to you kurt carr,that the anionting of GOD in your life will never run dry in jesus name i pray amen.

CP In Alabama | Reviewer: Cathy Pereira | 1/23/10

I am in the choir at my church and when we sing this song I can feel the presence of The Lord coming down upon me. Absolutely beautiful song. And for sure something absolutely happens when we call upon His Name. Thank-you Kurt for loving Jesus so much that He would give you the gift to write a song so beautiful. Is it not wonderful that all we have to do is call upon His wonderful Holy name to be transformed. I love you Jesus.

awesome song | Reviewer: nanya ezetendu | 1/19/10

the first time heard the song, i had just resumed work in a new law firm and was just sitting wondering wat to do when a colleague brought his disc man to me and asked me to listen to this song.when i was done i played it over and over and over again and at a apoint i started crying and worshipping right there in the office. the song makes the presence of Jesus real, this song was holy spirit inspired. Kurt thank u so much for yielding to God and to His awesome presence. God bless u