JESUS! Name is special and supernatural | Reviewer: Godslove Ikot | 12/3/12

JESUS! That name is indeed supernatural,by the mention of Jesus every knee bow,by the mention of the name Jesus demons tremble, im in luv wit dis song,i was moved nd touched the forst day i heard dis song.wen ever i feel lyk there is no one around me,wen all hope is gone,by d mention of his name.THERE WAS SOMEONE and THERE WAS HOPE......KURT CARR may God gives u more grace 2 bless our lives....

When i call upon your name. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/12

When i call upon your name the very atmosphere will have to change. This song is highly spiritual, it makes me understand that when ever the evil one shows his face we should call upon the name of JESUS that changes ever atmosphere. Kurt Carr, keep the faith going.

Oh my GOD!!! | Reviewer: Gary Cephas | 10/21/12

No hip hop, here. One of the-if not-the most beautiful tribute to Christ Jesus ever written. Kurt Carr, the anointing of GOD is upon you as evidenced by the effect this song has on the listener. It raptures the soul into adoration and awe of the Lord. Every lyric is spot on in truth. A forever classic that is unequaled. AMEN.

The matchless name of JESUS | Reviewer: Silver rootson | 10/19/12

The name JESUS is a name that can never be compared with any other name it is so supernatural and special. The first day I heard this song I felt a supernatural power my life wasn't the same. More power, grace, mercy and more annoiting be with you kurt carr. AMEN!!

Something Happens is not just a song, but the true expression of God's power through Jesus' name. | Reviewer: Peter Farotimi | 9/17/12

I came accross this song when searching for a song for the choir. When I presented it to the choir, it was more of a spiritual revival rather than a rehaersal. May the Lord bless Pastor Kurt Carr.

'Jesus' the name above evry other name | Reviewer: Dike Esther | 9/7/12

Of a truth there is somthing special and supernatural about the name ' JESUS ' now i feel secured and i know i can face tomorrow , i can stand mountains. I'm a victor, i'm blessed. Thank you Jesus. God bless you Kurt Carr ,more grace.

At d count of 3 say d name dat is above every name | Reviewer: Wisdom Andefun | 6/20/12

It really happens, but kurt carr don't turn Jesus outside down, it is a gift dat cannot b affordable by people but God giv u free of charge hold2 it d lord is ur strength, do more.

i love this song | Reviewer: seth | 5/9/12

the first time i heard this song was in high school and since then i have searched for it till now cos i love the song so so so much cos it brings my humanity and the supernatural so so close

The Special name of JESUS | Reviewer: Daniel | 4/25/12

The first time i listened to this song it took am to another rem,i lost my self that day,it took me days to regarn my self.whenever i remember that name JESUS i feel save cause the name of the JESUS is a strong towel the righteous runnet into it and are save,I LOVE THAT NAME JESUS.

Something happens. | Reviewer: Jana G | 4/23/12

D 1st day I heard dis song,I shed tears like a baby.It carries so much power and anointing.God bless u Kurt Carr for listening to God.More grace,more anointing ur life in Jesus name.

Oh that name!! | Reviewer: Princess | 4/16/12

My Jesus.. My Jesus..
How did mankind recieve such a beautiful gift.. One we could neva afford, and neva deserve. Best of all, We've recieved u free!!!
If only we could luv like You..

What An Incredible Name | Reviewer: Godson | 3/3/12

I heard this song first time when I was asked to work on it & ever since that day, if I'm down, I just play it & shivers run through me. I'm believing this same name to do me good & grant me my ernest desire - HEALING. Thanks dear Kurt Karr. Let a double portion of your anointing be upon me.

somethhng happens | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/12

indeed something really happened to me that i can't explain.the very firt day i heard the song,i could not help myself.i was in a camp meeting and all through out the camp i played the song,i just can not,but to worship god.with tears rolling down my cheecks.i still feel the power of god in the song right now.

IRIS SIMON | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/12

The Name Of JESUS is most powerful. There is no name given among men thereby ye shall be saved except the name of JESUS. When ever i listen to this song i always feel the touch of JESUS.. I pray for more inspiration to U Kurt Carr.

A wonderful ministration | Reviewer: Adekunle Adeife | 1/14/12

If i write words,people may not understand but i will sumarize my experience.i was ministerd to in the dream through this song and truly i was hearing this music with my hear pluged to my hear.God came to me in my dream giving me a blank cheque.