the Bible say: you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. | Reviewer: COCO La JOIE | 8/25/14

My first time to listen to this song, I did not sleep all night long because that led me in the presence of the almighty and I did not any more manage to stop adoring this day. That God blesses you Kurt Carr

truely something really happened. | Reviewer: solomon | 7/3/14

Anytime am listening to this song, I felt the presence
Of God. Because the name Jesus is a name that demons and
Every living hear most bow.
That is why when we want to pray and say in the name of Jesus,
You are calling the attention of the whole universe to yourself.
So really something wonderful happened anytime the name is mention
What a wonderful and a beautiful song
Kurt carr.

Omg SUPERNATURAL | Reviewer: Sherre B | 4/2/14

I am up at almost 2 am worshipping to this song! Over and over again. It speaks every anxiety, every need, every dream, everything I am today in spite of it all. My God, HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!

The miraclous name of the name JESUS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/14

I love this song every well becos it has really minister life to me when i was in pain.The name JESUS is so special &miraclous in did.more Grace to you kurt carr &choir members..... patience

Immense and Wonderful | Reviewer: Olalekan Sam | 1/15/14

We presented the this song in the choir and in the church last year, it was wonderful! Its been ringing in my spirit since then. Jesus, the name above every other names. God bless the heart that received this song from the Lord. My heart is lifted up to God. Hallelujah.

So spirit-filled | Reviewer: Akinsuyi iyinoluwa | 12/19/13

The 1st time i heard this song, i felt so immersed in the presence of God. It made me think about the mighty power in the name of Jesus amd the efficacy of the name when it is mentioned by anybody in a serious way. Kurt Carr, more grease to your elbows and may the anointing of God never cease in your life, Amen.

Jesus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/13

The first time i heard this song, i was thrilled. I felt goose bumps all over my body. The most awesome was when i sang along, i felt God right where i was standing. I have never felt like that before. God bless Kurt Carr

JESUS-THE NEVER-FAILING NAME | Reviewer: Sade Olufemi | 8/29/13

This song is nothing short of supernatural! Whenever I want Jesus' manifestation at any point in time,this is one the songs I beckon on. As a music minister,I enjoy it when the choir leads congregation to worship JESUS!
GOD bless Kurt Carr and Co.

it is spiritual | Reviewer: wisdom jonathan | 8/4/13

this song is so strong, for only those who understand the meaning of this song because something special will happen at that moment... that name is powerful. GOD help us.Am a pianist,a nigerian. thanks

The world was not enough! | Reviewer: Daniel Coey ( victory in celtic) | 6/28/13

Sometimes the unseen shows up ending up being the one the all need and we and us had just forgot. Like Jefus the name has more powers when herd by ones ear to heaven... Blessed are the believers in Jefus earthly name.

Jesus! Jesus! Oh the power in your name | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/13

The very first time I heard dis song, I felt lyk God was with me right dere in the room nd I was like were has this song been all this while. It ministered to me that there is power in the name of Jesus & it is available to all who will call upon His name. More Grace & Anointing Kurt Carr

The Matchless Name of Jesus | Reviewer: Joan H | 6/9/13

I first heard this song last year and I thought it was something newly released. It just goes to show how the name of Jesus cannot be limited to times or seasons. The same annointing that was poured out when the Lord gave Kurt Carr this song all those years ago is still present today and is available to anyone who is open to believing on the name of Jesus.
All praise, honour and glory belongs to you Lord Jesus.

There is undeniable power in the name of Jesus | Reviewer: Victoria | 5/20/13

This song is one of thd most powerful song i have ever heard. When ever i'm listening or ministering this song, i could feel the power of God like a mighty wind ready to deliver those who believe. Kurt Carr this song was revealed to you by God himself.

Something Supernatural and Special about the Name that is greater than all other names JESUS. | Reviewer: Tosin | 4/26/13

I wanna prove that there is power in the name,After the count of three, I want u 2 mention the name that is above every other names JESUS.
When I was told we are scoring the song for a ministration, I wondered what it was all about, I got it on ma phne n listened to it for the first time,buh didnt concentrate on it buh am listening to the song as I'm typing this comment and after readng various comments, I cant buh agree that the song is spirit filled. God bless Pastor Kurt Carr. Something special is really happening to my life.

Something happens | Reviewer: Sonia edhemre | 3/4/13

This song is highly dedicated at d wonders of God almighty. Which reminds us about the name of jesus and its power; using the name Jesus is free without stress n things that proves god wil bow to His name.