Hands of Inspiration | Reviewer: Gloria Goss-Harris | 4/25/13

I am a sign language interpreter. I do most of my work in the church. It is my mission to bring God's word to His people who can't hear. I want to give forth the passion that you give in your lyrics and music worshiping God the Father and our Savior Jesus. I'd like to discuss with you three of your songs the inspiration behind them so that I my convey your feeling in sign to brothers, sisters and co-signers with me. The songs are:Great Jesus, I Am the One, and Why Not TRust God Again? my e-mail address is
GossHarris@gmail .com Thank you for your consideration.


Kurt Carr's one church project has been a blessing | Reviewer: Timiking | 9/20/12

Kurt never ceases to amaze me with his unique styles used in communicating the gospel thru music. His music has been a blessing to us in Nigeria. I can't forget the so anointed Something Happens. What about If I Tell God? The African feel endears the song to us. Thank God for the music ministry of KURT CARR!

Chinemerem Esther | Reviewer: Chinemerem Esther | 3/29/12

Kurt Carr is one gospel artist whose songs are a great source of inspiration to me and many other christians all over the world. I thank God for him and i pray that after our days here on earth, we'll be part of God's heavenly choir! God bless Kurt Carr and increase his ministry.

Greetings from Nigeria!!! | Reviewer: Oluwafemi Emmanuel | 2/20/12

I am bless by ur songs each times i listen to them. The efficasy of the lyrics are wonderful. I want to be greater than you one day because i look at you as my mentor. God bless Kurt Carr & Kurt Carr Singers

time waited for | Reviewer: adekunle oluwatobi | 3/10/11

the bible says the world is waiting for the manifestation of the son of god.this is the time we have waited for when the gosple musician will be ready to go io fishing.this kurt carr have started doing.halleluyah!!!

Singing together with kurt | Reviewer: Joel Benjamin | 2/23/11

Kurt carl and kirk franklin!has the kind of my mindset.i feel they are truly called by God.my prayers is that since Our mindset are the same,GOD will join us to affect the Universe Entirely.i'm just waiting for that appointed DAY!!!