It is Inspirational | Reviewer: Beea Kpeanebari Fred | 3/28/14

Sir, it was really God's inspiration through which you were led to compose and produce this song. It touches me greatly each time it comes to my mind and I sing. It reminds me of the God-Almigty. ''With God all things are possible''

what a relieve song | Reviewer: mrs jane iji | 12/19/13

i get this song from one of my choir memeber and i first listen to it,then i realy know that if tell GOD about my situation he hear me.thank you sir this song has touched my inner mind.

Busola Osisiogu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/13

I want to bless God for your life sir, because this song touched me and has minister to me that no situation that God can not walk out.I pray for more inspiration in Jesus name,

If i tell God | Reviewer: Tracy Moses | 10/25/13

I just want to let u knw dat the song if i tell God abt my problems i love the song so much, sir pls keep on singing song dat we bring the spirit of God in you.sir am look for a singing school dat make to sing very well

He is working it out! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/13

This is d best ever. Since I heard this song, I have haf a way of telling my maker about my problems and he has always worked it out for me. Thanks to God for KURT CARR. I LOVE U SIR. We your fans love you so much.

am in love with the song | Reviewer: blessing nwosu | 9/9/13

This song touches my inner man whenever i thought of it,it is just a soul lifter,an encouragement to my soul.this song always remind me that am not alone if i should invite God into my life He will sort my problems out and make me a happy woman.Go bless you sir for such ano inspirational song.

Lifts my burden | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/13

Weneva i listen to dis song,i just wanna listen to it ova nd ova again,do u wanna knw y? It bcos it connects me straight wit God nd lifts my burden away....i wud make sure seventh day adventist mass choir sings dis song for all to hear.... Tank u kurt karr# God bless ur ministry#

God'll work it out for me. | Reviewer: Mfon Joshua | 7/14/13

Each time i listen to this song, i feel relieved from my burdens. I mean, it gives me a new hope and assurance that my problems can only tarry because i refuse to tell it to God and that as soon as i say it, it will be taken away by God. so whenever i listen to this song, it reminds me to tell God about my problems.
God Bless u sir kurt Karr for this wonderful song.

Inspiring | Reviewer: Adebayo Lord Jacobs | 7/12/13

This song has been so inspirational to me, it always make me feel back alive whenever i'm down. Kurt Carr, may God continue to inspire you for more exploits through praise. Amen!

there is hope | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/13

this song is indeed a soul restorer. Any time i listen to this song, it tell that there is hope. If only i will tell God the sky will not only be my limit but a starting point. God bless you Kurt Carr.

Is indeed a song of relieve / Perform by: Kurt Carr | Reviewer: Esther Ntia Dickson | 5/20/13

As i am, i was heavy both outward and inward of me cause of some cercumtances i face in my office and even emotions attached, but one morning when wakeup, i try to perform my morning devotion but i couldn't, but when i open my phone i then started playing music, i come across these song but when listening i was RELIEVE from some thinking and immidietely i started to Tell God About My Problems and God hard hear and work it out for my own good, indeed Kurt Carr is a true minister of God.
Thank God.

what a powerful song | Reviewer: ubon | 3/22/13

this is the most powerful song i've ever heard,the song itself is a message telling us that when you tell God about your problems that he will work it out for bless through this song.

A ministration indeed | Reviewer: David Ekwugha | 12/25/12

I've usually loved any song by Kurt Carr because they indeed minister, and this one wasn't any different. The first time I heard this song was on a certain night that i was busy with my sister's phone & I was feeling heavy, and unable to find sleep. But when i heard it, it suddenly gave me this unspeakable joy & peace inside of me. It also gave me confidence to speak to God about the challenge i was having. The song indeed ministered to me and it needs to get to the ends of the earth. I really want to thank God for His move through this great psalmist(Kurt Carr) of our time. You are really a blessing and my prayer for you is that the oil of God in your life, won't run dry!

The song is Cheer. | Reviewer: El-babamu Doma Adamu | 9/19/12

The song cheer me up, when ever I'm down with sorrow, trouble, selected and lack of school fees in the seminary. I said, Jesus I must tell you, because you are my best friend to tell my story. And I feel comforted.

Take everytin to God. | Reviewer: Rita Ogbeide | 5/28/12

It is a soul reliever, each time i listen to this song it ministers to my soul. It tells me that; whatever load that is too heavy for me should be taken to God and He will surely work it out. Thank you, Kurt Carr.