Essence of Worship | Reviewer: Tadi Shinaigo Yerima | 1/8/13

This song reminds me of who God is and not what He is. I love this song so much, I'll be teaching my band the song and hope that they'll be Spirit filled to sing the Song powerfully. I believe it'll help me a long way in becoming that praise and worship leader the Lord wants me to be.

it's really... | Reviewer: kenny O. Evawealth | 7/13/12

listening to this particular song has really intoxicate my feelings for Gods love, I also recommend it for choir ministrations and it was great. bless the Lord for this inspiration. amen.

Old school | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/12

I have been singing for many years, Remember "SOON AND VERY SOON? TAKE ME BACK? I was singing take me background on those songs. I am preparing for the 1st time to be a praise leader. God Great God will be my opening song because I want to remind the congregation of why it is we gather together. It's because God is great..........Worthy of Glory and Honor.

Is worthy of my greater than my father and mother so i love God and love him | Reviewer: Wisdom | 2/25/12

GOD greater than my father and mother nobody lik God he has a spiritual foundation whereby is jesus christ in me, am not along living in sin because is the one who renew me everyday and my family, jesus is foundation for me also a building and pillar, i thank God for the holy spirit of God that teach me everyday and open my eyes my and hear, God is greater than the world i will remain forever to do the work of God on earth

Glory and honour 2 our God | Reviewer: Johnson olusoji | 9/2/11

God great God has a spiritual meaning, we use the song for a musical concert in Nigeria at Power of Harvest in Christ Ministry, Inc., and many soul were touched and give there life 2 Christ. Kurt Carr we expect more of it from u, may ur anointing continued to flow.

Soul touching | Reviewer: Ekele sampson | 3/9/10

Truly this song has realy touched lives in nigeria. It has been a song sung in many churches today and wit this many souls are blessed and won for CHRIST cos truly God is a great and awesome GOD. Keep it up carr

even now | Reviewer: iyiola oluwasanmi | 7/10/09

it has been some years back that God Great God has been done.But it's so amazing that even now the song still touches soul.It makes me personally experience the place of God on earth and in my life.Is still does really touches my life.I dont know what else to say,but just like the title sounds-it's a great song.

How Wonderful God Is | Reviewer: sharon Thomas | 1/11/08

I really love God Great God because it is a great spirtual song and I know God is a Great God not only Great, Marvelous, Awesome, God Healed me and made me Whole.

i love you and...... | Reviewer: Oni 'Tope | 11/21/07

thanks 4 touching lifes in nigeria in a number of ways u cant even imagine. long to see you in 40 years to come, live on stage, doing just like u're doing. blees ya bro!

God great God | Reviewer: carol mwangi | 5/15/07

I love this song for our God is a great God. It has so much energy and enthusiasm that one cannot fail to join with our brother Kurt to exalt Jehovah, our sovereign God. Well done Kurt and continue blessing us with your music

God Great God | Reviewer: Nicole Brown | 11/25/06

I love this song because God is a great God.....listen the words and let your spirit soak it in... It's a beautiful song...just reminding us that we are not alone and that their is a God and he is a Great God!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!

Well done.. | Reviewer: Judah Rollins | 12/29/05

I think that it's a great song even though written for a choir
he has done a marvolus job as a writer & director I hope it goes plantium.