Absolutely inspirational | Reviewer: Yah's Daughter | 2/25/14

I knelt down to worship and praise my Heavenly Father, with tears in my eyes and in my heart. That is what this song leads you to do - simply worship and praise Him, for He is WORTHY to be praised!!! I love my Heavenly Father, HalleluYAH. I love the Son, my Lord and Saviour, YAHshua and I love the Rauch Hakadosh (Holy Spirit). THANK YOU, Sincerely.

The hand of God.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/13

I love the song "For Every Mountain" due to God spared my life at a time when the Devil tried to take my live from a bullet attended to kill me which was shot by a man who said he was my Dad. However, what this person attended for evil, God meant it for my good. The hand of God picked me up when I was face to face with evil and showed me His awesome powerful HAND. How can I not praise the Lord everyday for life. For this I give you PRAISE!!!!! Amen

Bow Down!!!, and praise the AWESOMENESS of our Savior!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/13

Bow down, is all I hear in the spirit realm, He's too awesome to just stand in His presence. I know you may be riding in your car ,standing in the mall with an ear piece in or sitting at your desk listening to "For This I give you praise" and can't bow down on bending knee's, BUT in your heart and Spirit Bow Down and Praise him for every mountain and every valley He's brought your threw!!!

Love you Daddy God:)

That's why I praise you. | Reviewer: Vki | 4/17/13

This is a mindblowing song with a clear message on its own.I listen 2 it every minute cause it gives me more than a thousand reasons to praise God.He brought me safely over many mountains & trials.FOR THIS I GIVE YOU PRAISE.

Overjoyed | Reviewer: Shammah isang | 12/17/12

Whenever this song is sang in my church i always get dwn on my knees nd worship God for all the limitations he has brought down in my lyf...thank u very much kutt carr and may God reward u wit bountiful lyrics

For every Mountain | Reviewer: Jenny B | 12/12/12

I actually went to a church that praised dance to this song, I was really feeling the song. I heard on the radio in my car and I had to pull over... I was in tears but in joy.... if you don't believe then listen to this song!

for every mountain | Reviewer: kym-lee | 11/28/12

this is my song...it brings tears to my eyes ,the Lord has brought me far ...thank you Lord..even after losing four sons ,you brought me far indeed...when i could have lost my mind,killed myself among the rest,You kept me...

Hopelessness in love with Yawey | Reviewer: Israela D. | 11/17/12

I am in a personal batter with my mother and her religion. She belives that woman should not preach and teach and lead worship or have nothing to do with the God of Abraham, Jacob,and Issac Joseph and Jesus. I was so desperet with finding a resting place after leaving all of my life to care for here and all she knows is to batter pastors puts down the chuch of Jesus Christ. She has the baal religion.ButGod woke me up this morning after been so abused verbally since I have been here in Puerto Rico for 6 months.The Lord Jesus told me this frase "for evey mountain ", write this in the computer and meditate in this.I dont have sound in the computer.I am a single mother 3 sons all grown now who forgot me in the storm that I am in. I was force to marry a man who rape me.I got rape again my mother just scolds all day from my pass and doesnt forgive me. I am homeless now she is trying to get me out of her house by court.I crying not knowing where I should go. I have done nothing but praise God.She seen to hate the more I praise him ( Jesus). Please send me this song God is telling me something.Israela, I need someone spiritual worship help.
street 6 # 459 Urb. San agustin San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926

Awesome | Reviewer: Roz | 9/4/12

We had a young lady, to sing this song. In the middle of the song she was crying and the Holy Ghost just took over the service. People started crying out to God. We could not let go of the worship and praise. Thank you Kurt Carr.

Sanctified | Reviewer: IJByers | 4/30/12

I simply love this spirit filled song and when our church choir sang it Sunday morning, it set the sanctuary on fire and so many were just loosed, set free and just let the Holy Spirit have it's way................there's no greater feeling. Thanks and all PRAISES be to GOD!!!!!!!!!

Praise is what i do! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/11

Glory be to the father! I am so glad I went to church and heard this blessed song! For mountain ( the death of my father, suicidal thoughts, heartaches, sleepless nights, alone and unsur, the list goes on) thank God, he purposed this song in my life it literally saved my life, nothing like gospel music to really touch the soul and heal the wounds of afflication..and for this I give you praise!

Yes, Lord!! | Reviewer: Juvonda | 8/16/11

What a wonderful Praise song!!!! It shows the awesome power of our Father. He promise to Never leave us alone. He has left us the holy spirit to dwell with us to teach and guide us daily and our God promise that he will be with us forever more!!and Jesus died that we may have life and have it abundantly! and for this, I give him praise!! May God blessings be upon the writers, produces and singers of this great song. My heart so full!

so awesome | Reviewer: rejoice | 7/1/11

The first time I heard this song,I was really touched and moved to worship.when u feel like there is nothing anymore or no hope of living,listen to dis song and it brings life to you.
God bless kurt carr and his singers.

Trulythankful | Reviewer: Theresa Nelson | 6/15/11

That's exactly what I am when I hear that song. Joy over flows in my soul from that song. It's a sermon within a sermon. I don't want to preach or anything, but MY GOD what else is there to be is BLESSED.

Outstanding!!! | Reviewer: Annette | 4/5/10

A co-worker put this song on my ipod, just found it a few weeks ago. God has seen me and mine through, foreclosure, loss of car, loss of business. Just plain starting over! That's why I Praise you! A brand new misery is what we received! Glory be to God and His kingdom for all time! Be blessed by reading this! You are in my prayers! Hang in there! Got a job, new place to live and new car! For EVERY MOUNTAIN! FOR EVERY TRIAL! HALLEULA!