I love dis Song | Reviewer: Samyung | 9/26/13

Am Samyung 4rm Nigeria. This God is truly an Awesome Wonder, for the first time I had the Song "Awesome Wonder" @ FECA voice, a youth christian org. Were I pass away my time with God every sunday' and mid-weeks, I was excited and the song keep ringing on my ears, well thank 2 kurt carr and Glory 2 GOD

Awesome God | Reviewer: Zacchaeus | 9/20/13

The song 'AWESOME WONDER' is song that minister powerfully to my soul and anytime i am a little bit confuse and i listen to this song,it reawarken my soul and by that time i feel comfortable.This song makes me 2 know hw AWESOME GOD is.

how great thou art | Reviewer: queen elizabeth | 3/13/13

just imagine the great things he has done i begin to wonder and then i concluded that he is great wenever i listen to dis music i feel strenghtened in the inside kurt carr may God continue to increase and bless you abundantly your cup shal over flow

He is indeed an awesome God | Reviewer: Rachael Okure | 1/19/13

Am a Nigerian. I heard this song in 2005 and it sent a word of great surprise 2 me about the almighty God. He is everything to mankind as long as dis world still exists. He is indeed and still AN AWESOME WONDER.

He truly is awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/12

listening 2 diz song, inspires me alot, increases evrytin. Making me 2 no dat, i'm 4rm above, nt 4rm beneath, and that d Master is coming 2 rapture the church, and truly the Trinity is Awesome

Awesome wonder | Reviewer: Kayode Nifemi damilola | 12/20/12

D first time i heard dis song, i felt rily grt cos all d lines i.e d lyrics of d song has sometin 2pas across abt our AWESOME nd WONDAFUL GOD. HE is GREAT. Im frm Nigeria. I love you Kurt Carr. May God increase ur anointing. AMEN

awesome wonder is my favorite song,its my rington, | Reviewer: joseph ANi | 7/29/12

This is the song I love so much,I cherish the song,I love the song and as a choir master I love rehearsing the song with my crews,and wen ever I do that power of God must flow in the CHURCH. I pray God should continue to BLESS CURT CARR and give him more wisdom to compose more inspiring songs. I'm a NIGERIAN

Perfect in all Your ways | Reviewer: Debbie eniojukan | 6/11/12

This song ministers to me, body, soul and spirit. It tends to relieve me from any kind of yoke i have whenever i listen to it. Yes, He is truely perfect in all His ways. God bless you kurt and I pray He would show His marvellous and awesome wonder in Nigeria an deliver His people from the crisis going on here.

I surrender | Reviewer: Daniel Alphonsus Sumbi Doka | 5/9/12

When I consider the vastness of God and the inspiration behind this project, *** to the wonder of the power. Kurt, truely no other power compares to God's. May his face shine upon you as you continue to bring man to notice the submition God wants from his creaptions...

I just love the song | Reviewer: Gift Esohe | 4/15/12

The song 'awesome wonder' remind me of God's mercies towards me. And makes me renew my commitment to God, i just want to surrender to him over and over again. I always love this song. Thank you for this song Kurt, God bless you.

Awesome wonder | Reviewer: Braina Lawan | 4/2/12

'Awesome wonder' whenever I listen to it, I tend to image God's magnificience. The literal description in this context might not give much to who God is, but there's such a compelling force that propels ones mind and spirit into the realm of understanding beyond the literal words. Kurt Carr, You have always bless my life with number your songs including 'Awesome wonder'. The Lord shall keep you until we meet in the presence of His glory.

awesome indeed | Reviewer: kelvin oden | 2/29/12

I am a Nigerian. When I first heard the song on my friend's phone,I was happy. The concept is very good. Thank God for Kurt Carr. I keep on playing the song again and again and again. Keep it up Kurt. God will continue to give u the very inspiration to do greater ones.

"Perfect in all your ways" | Reviewer: Yayirus Maigari Danladi | 12/17/11

Praise be the name of our Lord. "When i consider the vastness of God" and the power behind the song 'AWESOME WONDER' I surrender to the wonder of the power. I heard this song today, i declare my lord's gredeur and I'll make it even at the tail end of this year to be my favourite song, in Jesus name. I also pray that may the peace of our Lord Jesus dwell in NIGERIA my country.

its a cool song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/08

this is an awesome song... the drama team i waso n at the church wa making a dance for it but we never got to finish ti due to unfortunate circumstances... but now ive forgotten the rythem of the whole thing :( gotta find my cd

awsome song | Reviewer: hastings sichone | 1/3/08

im from zambia ou to some wonder song blesses my heart every time i hear it play.wish i could have your any of your CDs because hear in zambia i have failed to find a place where i can buy it from.God richly bless you