ok, this to the kid | Reviewer: brandon is awesome | 6/16/10

ok. the only way pot can kill you is if a 5000 pound bale falls on you from like 2 stories. and needing to resort to pot for happiness, no one does that. Weed helps you relax. well, more of forces you to relax. and turn to jesus, I know a guy who is like a super christian that smokes more than I ever have. I am christian. the bible doesnt say anything about marijuana and contrary to what most people think, it says nothing about cussing or piercings, is says drink but be not drunk. marijuana has nothing to do with being drunk or intoxicated. to all other people, please ignore that kid. either he is stupid as hell or he is a little kid that kinda means well but is too immature to know if he is sounding cool or stupid.

Love this song | Reviewer: Dylan | 4/18/10

I live in California smoking weed legally all day, I work full time, and I stay blazed 24/7, people who say pot ruins your life are retarded. Think for yourself don't let people determine what's wrong and right.
If you like this song make sure you listen to 4-2-0, it one of my other favorite songs from Kottonmouth Kings
Stay High, peace

to the "scandal!" guy... | Reviewer: Purple Haze | 11/23/09

Listen here you bible humping, straight edge, little pussy fuck. This is def. not the place to spread your religious beliefs... here's a little idea for you... GOD MADE MARIJUANA!!! Riddle me this bitch, If god made marijuana and put it on this earth, why the fuck would it be a sin to smoke it then? Hmm... puzzling isnt it? keep your religious thoughts to yourself, and dont judge people that get stoned if you have never got stoned yourself. get it, got it, good... And to all the stoners out there, keep that shit lit up, and keep smoking that shit up till the day you die!!!

LMFAO | Reviewer: Kelsey | 10/17/09

Okay so I would like to say I don't even smoke weed & I like this song...not everyone likes songs because of the words stupid. If you don't like KMK then why be on here?? Mmmm exactly. & also you talk about listening to some Too Short who has a song called F.U.C.K.Y.O.U? That's much better hahaha. WOW! Ohh & I love Jesus & I still listen to this music..so you can just shut your mouth thank you. Maybe it isn't the best thing, but every individual has free will so don't judge them..leave them the fuck alone & stop telling them how to live their life bitch.

Haters | Reviewer: mr0jmb | 3/9/09

Im sorry if u dislike KMKs why u on this page get a life and stop spreadin ur shit. And tbh u cant comment on weed if uve never tryed it u have no idea what ur talkin about untill u take a fuckin drag so shut the fuck up. And no one has died from weed but how many have died due to religion so stop spreadin ur christ shit as well.

Peace x

re: everybody | Reviewer: JesusFreak | 2/18/09

Hey everybody hatin on each other I just wanna say you can be religious and smoke weed too... I go to church every sunday and after church i might go smoke a blunt. I know Jesus loves me and I'm sorry for that other guy who believes all the misconceptions of religion and what God says is "ok" and what isn't. God made weed. He wouldn't condemn us for using it anymore than he would condemn us for using modern medicine derived from plants. So eveybody please calm down, sit back, and light up a J.

PS KMK rocks!!
--Jesus Freak :)

Hey jesus freak | Reviewer: Masteryoca13 | 2/2/09

wow way to go self righteous freak, congrats you're a model drone to the control system. Religion is simply a way for the smarter people to control the easily molded dumb masses. They used to cut your head off if you didn't go tto church once! is that the kind of religion you trust with your soul? far more poeple died through "justice" than through "evil" the roles are switched! it is you religious people that are evil! Come in here talking about karma, weed is all about karma! And you were flinging insults when you came in so you are NOT any better that the rest of us you self centered impressionable braindead drone of the system.

re: scandal! scandal! | Reviewer: sexy lette | 11/14/08

ok jesus jackass... weed is NOT unhealthy. no one ever died of a "marijuana over dose" it doesn't happen. sorry. you lose. canibus is a plant. just like tobacco. so unless you're going to go tell all the cigarette smokers out there that they're going to hell because of smoking something that YOUR GOD MADE. then shut the f*** up about us. and if all you're gonna do is bash KMK and their lyrics, why the F*** are you on here??? Don't bash what you haven't tried. If you try it, and hate it, sorry... your life must suck. But think about this... not everyone does it purely recreationally. MARIJUANNA IS PERSCRIBED MEDICALLY!!!!! so get your head out of your ass, pull whatever's stuck up there out, and SHUT THE F*** UP!!! god damn f***in jesus freak idiot

... | Reviewer: It's Chantel Bitches!!! | 11/1/08

Okay fucking kmk are the shit !!! if yuu have problems with them then don't fucking tell us about it. And that turn to jebus bullshit we dont want to read that shit keep it to your self!! If someones a huge fan or whatever i doubt there religous enough to give up listening to this music soo everybody who want's to write about kmk and how they suck then why are you even on this site!!! And we dont need lectures on how "weeds" bad for us cause obviously we know that! But who fucking cares!! Fucking pEace mAnge!!

RE: a little suggestion | Reviewer: lindseys5150 | 9/11/08

All KMK talks about is chicks, beer, weed, and grits. You call that talent! Have you ever listened to rap? I mean real rap and not this stupid crap you worship. I have been to their shows I have meet them and the only two people in the whole fucking group that give a shit about their "fans" is Taxman and Daddy X! Loc, Richter, and Pok look at everybody in the crowd like there a bunch of idiots. Their stage presence is weak at best. Ya sure smoking weed is all good but fuck man there is other shit out there to talk about. Most of the greats out there smoked but it wasn't all they fucking talked about and that's why KMK is fucking crap!
I'm sure you well eventually grow up and see what it is I'm talking about just like I did.

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