a little suggestion | Reviewer: Chris | 8/25/08

ok "mr they need to find jesus? shut the fuck up the way to spread your message isnt by telling people that their lifestyle is wrong its by doing your own thing and letting people see whats up with that. weed is natural its the fuckin shit i get high everyday all day and these guys just have balls to make it public and thats fuckin art so dont try to be a person of god and then talk garbage on someone else thats not very becoming of such a well educated follower of christ. the only crap on a stick you have ever seen is when you pull your dick out of your boyfriends ass.... ps i ripped a huuuuge binger as i wrote this so suck on that my scandalous friend

fuck you buddy | Reviewer: stonerdude567 | 6/28/08

this song kicks ass people who think that weed is "bad" and "wrong" are just fucking stupid like the dude who wouldnt put his name fuck you buddy ok you dumb straight edge pussy mouther fucker you can suck a cock but yea this song kicks ass may all you stoners out there have happy highs and few lows


scandal! scandal! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/08

i just want to tell you that this song, as the title of my review suggests, is scandalous. this is not art, this is crap on a stick. kind of like your face. kind of like your mother. kind of like your mother's face. this is promoting bad things to children. obviously your life is lame and without purpose, if you must resort to "weed" for happiness. basically, you suck. turn to jesus, he will forgive you, but you must cease this unhealthy habit. and if you want to earn some extra karma points to make up for the negative billion you have now, go to freerice.com, oh wait! you can't help because your brain is a marijuana filled garbage heap that is not capable of donating rice via vocabulary skills.

--a fan.

WEEEEEEEEED | Reviewer: Hydro | 3/26/08

I have not been smoking very long but i can smoke alot of fucking pot in one sitting! I got some right in my pocket right now and waiting to get out of school so i can smoke it and listen to where's the weed at? Me and my boys all listen to this song everyday.

OMTFC!!! | Reviewer: allison crowell | 6/1/07

OMTFC! i love the kottonmouth kings! this song is like, so true...you have no idea!